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do yall stare at stuff

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Yes I definitely have a habit of staring at stuff on days when the visual snow / lights & color changes / static lines / strobe light effect are worse (usually the day after drinking, or if I've had too much caffeine).  The best way I get around this is by doing tasks that are simple, habitual, and that require some thought and action (so not just watching tv, at least for me), but not TOO much thought since the days when the visual snow are worse are often accompanied by brain fog.

A common task I go to is cleaning.  I put on a background podcast too that I may or may not listen to, but just that minimum mental effort of slightly paying attention to the podcast, mixed with the physical actions and decisions of cleaning, help clear my mind, prevent me focusing on my symptoms, and help somewhat relieve any symptom-related anxiety.  Plus this gives the added satisfaction boost of getting something productive done.

I also work from home most of the time, so another solution with the same theme is to find simple work tasks - distractions that aren't too overwhelming when symptoms hit.

A lot of it is about a mental reset - if you can get yourself distracted on tasks and if you can get calmer and less anxious then you'll tend to stop staring at stuff as much.  Soothing music helps.  Playing simpler online games can help to.

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Using precision tinted lenses helps me to tune out the background static. Without them I kept drifting off into the snow it was hard to focus on anything. I personally use the Theraspecs "Wrap" lenses bc they block out light the most and i'm super light sensitive. Whenever I start to look at the snow or geometrical patterns it gets worse, that's what I remember a lot of people saying also its basically a rule of hppd don't look focus on the visual stuff or freak out about the mental stuff or it gets way harder. 

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