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  2. How long did you take the vitamin d for?
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  4. Thanks for the 7 year bump lol. I've been browsing thru this site recently and I just noticed the magnesium post. I once tried this with magnesium lotion. It was actually created for cramps, muscle spasms and that sort of thing. However I emailed a man named Dr Shealy and told him about my condition (HPPD of course) and he instructed me to try rubbing it on the bottom of my feet as well as take B vitamins and D3 50,000 units daily. I must admit that it brought some pretty interesting results while I was using this combination of things but the effects only lasted if I kept using them. A long s
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  6. St. Johns Wort is clearly something to be avoided in HPPD, as SSRIs are known to exasperate symptoms. Rabdosia has almost no information available as far as modern studies are concerned. Is there any information that you have found that leads you to believe it may be beneficial?
  7. Wants a cure, doesnt have 30 minutes... lol Edit: God damn 7 year bump what the hell.
  8. I read about a woman, I think on here, who had her hppd go away after giving birth. I think that becoming pregnant signals many things to the body— one of which is it’s time to clean things up. Become as strong as possible. If you are cleaning up bad pathogens and cells, it’s possible that is effecting your hppd because doing requires the immune system. Hppd may not be immune related, but having inflammatory reactions (not uncommon in pregnancy) can cause all sorts of emotional symptoms. im sorry to hear you are not feeling well best of luck and much love.
  9. This is a symptom of mold and candida overgrowth. I’m only sharing because I’m going through it now. If you have hppd it may make you sensitive to these two things. Or vice versa. Idk. All I know is my mold tox and candida are making my hppd worse or they helped create an environmental condition around me and in my body that helped cause the hppd. we are full of toxic chemicals. It sucks. But that’s capitalism.
  10. Do you have any recurring visual symptoms? If not then I think it is a severe case of depersonalisation/derealisation rather than HPPD
  11. Anyone have any information if Rabdosia has an effect on HPPD? Once upon a time long ago I tried St. John’s Wart which exacerbated my symptoms badly and ever since I’ve been leery of taking supplements or herbal medicine. Thanks
  12. Hi I’m new to the forum. This is my first post. I’ve only just discovered HPPD as I’ve never found a name for what I’ve got. I’m convinced this is it. My situation started after some doing a bong of super strong Amsterdam skunk aged 20. I freaked out and felt like I was dying. My friends all just said I had a “whitey” but my life was never the same after that. From that day I suffered frightening depersonalisation/derealisation, panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia. It has lessened over the years but I’m an anxious person now (but excellent at hiding it!) but it is made far worse when I’
  13. Whats the criteria to get involved in a study such as this? Thanks
  14. I'm interested in this, as i live a long way from a city though, it is a bit difficult. If more people get success though, I will find a way
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  16. They're currently doing a study with TMS and Visual Snow Syndrome somewhere in America so I guess that's relevant to HPPD
  17. Basically it allows to either inhibit or desinhibit specific parts of the brain for the long run. I know a french guy who did it on his occipital lobe and it cured his HPPD 100%. Another one will soon follow the treatment, I hope he gets better. Any experiences with this ?
  18. Would a dna tracking exam be helpful on our situation? In order to determine the reaction towards a medication, or if it's even suitable for us, or it would be unpredictable to what could cause on our hppd? An example is the people who do this kind of exam to check which medication would be better for their treatment of regular depression. In this case they would receive which med would be suitable for them and which ones they should avoid, because of side effects and efficacy. My point is can we make a dna exam to check if keppra is beneficial or even regular for our organism. If
  19. Not everyone has had the best experiences with it, and probably because it simply just doesn't cure the condition. I see a lot of HPPD sufferers that cant tolerate any of these neurotransmitter modulating drugs. Granted though some have seen some benefit. Which will primarily be due to its ability to lessen neurotransmitters, so it likely helps to quiet some of the cortical disinhibition seen in HPPD, however its mechanism of action is unknown, and it(like most other pharmaceuticals) does not appear to treat the underlying cause of this condition.
  20. Modern medicine has termed most electrical devices in the field of medicine as "Quackery", whenever medical science does this the sheep move as though they were a religious cult. So now days everything thinks these devices are more for gimmicks. However funny people think they may be, there are a few that actually tend to show outstanding results worthy of further investigation. Mass population though, their minds are too lazy for real reading and thoughtful acknowledgement.
  21. - I was struggling with insomnia after a long time without having it, but I guess it's because I have a work meeting tomorrow. - So, I decided to do my random check on how things are going on here. I realized something, on the beginning of the last decade you can see a lot of users reporting great improvements by taking Keppra as treatment. Is there any explanation for it, or it was just a cascade effect due placebo? I really don't know. And if it has it's efficacy, knowing what we know nowadays, is there any explanation for it to be different than most meds and having
  22. I would like to bump this thread, has anyone else gotten hppd from mescaline? This is a very interesting topic, if more people could answer please.
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