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  2. Since they in rare cases can cause HPPD by themselves i feel that i have to warn about it. Many with HPPD that goes on them have their symptoms worsen as well, wich isn't wierd since they, like psychedelics and THC, have hallucinogetic properties and act on the 5HT2a receptors.
  3. Hello everyone, I finally have got my hands on a keppra prescription after spending hours reading about other people’s success with the drug. I struggle with DP/DR, brain fog, and head pressure (forehead). I don’t really have any visuals other then visual snow and floaters. No warping or moving objects. I will keep everyone posted on my progress.
  4. Please don't tell people to stay away from antidepressants. They have been a huge help for me and could help someone else.
  5. The last thing you should do is to take any drug with hallucinogetic properties. That clinic is a bunch of voodoo doctors that will mess you up even more. If you want any hope of this getting better stay away from cannabis, psychedelics, antidepresants and other psychoactive drugs. But to answer your question, yes, with abstinence many gets better and from what i've read it's usually the visual hallucinations that subside for some, same with the anxiety and dpdr. What seems to be permanent though is the typical VSS symptoms, i.e. the static, halos, starbursts, light sensitivity, ghosting etc,
  6. I don't really get what's going on here and don't have time to get involved... but please don't post personal websites/emails etc, as we got a complaint about doxxing.
  7. Yes, you got a mild form of HPPD. Stay away from cannabis, psychedelics, antidepressants and other serotonin attacking drugs if you don't want to risk it getting much worse.
  8. I have a hard time believing this since it was the Visual snow initiative that told me about the PRF when i asked them if there was any research going on about HPPD 6-7 months ago. Then they told me about the PRF and that they were working hard to get on their fett and do what they do and that their site would go live in the end of the year.
  9. Hi, I got HPPD twice from mescaline and then psilocybin. Both lots of HPPD involved symptoms not listed in your "common symptoms" and I believe my psilocybin case of HPPD may be one of the worst cases of HPPD you will have heard of. I got mescaline-induced HPPD mid September 2020 and wasn't fully better, but was a lot better when I got psilocybin-induced HPPD in February. It was absolutely horrific and I had to be put on 4mg of clonazepam which helped quite a lot for 3 months until my psychiatrist decided to start ripping me off them too fast. My HPPD came hard and fast and when I was put back
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  11. It is really good to know that someone else out there is going through the same struggles that I am with HPPD. I agree that the ADHD medication leads to further and worsened symptoms as I have been trying my best to come up with research notes and trying to find opportunities to lessen my symptoms. I can only imagine the affects that Adderall instead of methylphenidate is causing for you. Thank you so much for the suggestions I have already found them on Amazon and I am going to be ordering them as soon as I am done typing this. I'm desperate for an answer or possibilities of a cure. If you wo
  12. I Unfortunately have the same problem you do. I believe I have HPPD and I am trying to get through school with a poor ability to concentrate, debilitating brain fog, DP/DR, and anxiety. I could tell my Adderall was making my symptoms worse but I had no choice but to take it. When I wouldn’t take it I had little-to-no symptoms. I figured I could just take it until Christmas break and figure it out from there… now I have the symptoms all the time, whether I take my adderall or not. It might only affect me bc I got my HPPD from mdma but definitely be careful. Could be worth trying though if you a
  13. Try a low histamine diet. I’m not sure if I have HPPD or lasting covid but I get terrible brain fog and dp/dr when I eat (and when I drink water) but I’ve noticed that low histamine diet definitely helps. Might be worth trying famotidine as well.
  14. I think it does. I just find it difficult to believe that there isn’t at the least some mast cell disregulation going on. I wrote a lot about mtorc1 and lsd and how it relates to excessive microglia/astrocyte glutamate activation/release. The intermediary between those two, mTorc1 and the microglia/astrocyte could be mast cells as mtorc1 appears to play a role in the regulation on mast cells which in turn can have very deleterious effects involving interleukins and chemokines and glutamate overload and just a whole clusterfuck of weird neurological brain states. does that mean go tak
  15. Thought I should also note, that I have only used cannabis in my life (less than 10 times) and have had a similar experience with edibles but did not have any of the lingering effects thanks again
  16. About a month ago I took a 50 mg of delta 8 thc in the form of an edible gummy. After consuming the gummy, I had a typical bad cannabis experience characterized by anxiety, paranoia, and mild visuals. I woke up the next day still feeling anxious and within the week began noticing visual disturbances similar to visual snow however this snow only occurs at certain times most usually when im feeling anxious. The other symptom I have noticed is an increased awareness of floaters when i am in areas with lots of light. Since this experience I have been able to confirm the edible I took(from a vape
  17. what drugs do you continue to do? and which ones dont affect it?
  18. The following is a big dump of info I need to sort into a coherent train of though outside of just my brain lol...: keywords: Mast cell degranulation 5ht2a microglia astrocyte mTORC1 MMP3 Histamine AMPA NMDA Interleukin1-b (and more...) Endocannabinoid CB1 Pre Frontal Cortex PFC retinal ganglion cell (RGC) cytokine chemokine Little is known about the signals downstream of PI3K which regulate mast cell homeostasis and function following FcepsilonRI aggregation and Kit ligation. In this stu
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  20. I'm not sure SS1. I think I've just found out that I contracted HPPD after years upon years of thinking there was something simply not right with my head. Visual snow has been worsening, and I take Methylphenidate which was just recently upped to 28mg as an extended release. It keeps me awake and although it does not help my focus entirely it does help some. I have taken quite a few different kinds of ADHD medications since I was 8 and I believe I got depersonalization/derealization disorder from using Ritalin. I can be false when it comes to my claims because I too am not a doctor of any sort
  21. Lots antisesure, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, antidepressants, add stimulants horrible side effects. Clamazipam helps. Acceptance is the answer. I wish u the best. Aloha
  22. Started lsd at age of 13 .no parental supervision from this point on.my love for psychedelics exploded.i got into mda,mdma,mushrooms, mescaline the real stuff, peyote, pcp,I shot,snorted, ingested & lsd eyedropper. I'm not glamorizing the toxic sick behavior. I grew up like a wild animal. What a waste of life. I began selling lsd& got busted in 1979 ,went to prison & put on terrorist watch list. My point is I never took psychedelics afterward. Have had hppd for 50 years. I'm 64 now. I still get harassment by feds. If it's not late don't ruin the rest of ur life. Ur br
  23. Just wanted to throw out there that feeling of “neuropathy” in the hands and feet along with muscle fasciculations are signs of mast cell activation syndrome. MCAS can be triggered by drugs. it has a wide range of symptoms— localized and/or systemic. visual snow is common in mast cell patients. feeling “butterflies” (anxiety) in the abdomen. mast cells are most prevalent in areas that come into contact with the outside world. Hands, feet, face, groin. there are also neuro mast cells
  24. Hey Lucas! Nice to hear from ya. what antihistamines have you taken? off the top of my head: the nofap, fasting, and antihistamines are common things that help people with mast cell issues. antihistamine drugs are reported to worsen hppd. If antihistamine drugs help you, this may be a sign you have mast cell issues, or histamine issues, or mast cell issues caused by hppd, or it has nothing to do with mast cells. But the thing about mast cell— usually a bad reaction is a sign of reacting to a FILLER. I have seen zero mentioning or attempts to take supplem
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