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  3. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I already stopped doing any kind of drugs, because all I want is to feel like myself again. wish you all the best for your journey. take care, Anna
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  5. Hello Friend, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. I will preface this with saying that I am not a doctor. I tell everyone I encounter on this forum the same thing to help them recover: Stop all drugs (even alcohol for a bit if you can) Get as much sleep as you can Exercise regularly even if it makes your symptoms worse Eat well Stay busy with work/ school/ hobby etc Try not to worry Learn to meditate if you can (this was really helpful for me) If you're open to it, start praying to God (it doesn't have to be any particular religi
  6. Hello everyone, in advance I wanna apologize for my non mother tounge English and for not really coming to an end with telling my story and maybe using the wrong tread for that post. I‘m not quite sure yet if a self diagnose with HPPD is appropriate for me but I want to tell you about my story, my seizure-similar experiences and my worries about taking meds. i don’t really know when all of this started. I‘m 24 now and I’ve been smoking weed regularly since 2015/2016, never had any noticeable problems with consuming it but could always keep it on a kind of moderate level, smoked
  7. I had pins and needles from Lyme disease, definitely not related to psychedelics. When they did an MRI to explore whether the Lyme had affected my brain they discovered a cluster of small tumors. Thankfully they are very slow growing. I'm not sure you have tick borne illnesses where you are. Anyway, try and stay positive, you're young and I'm sure things will get better with time. If you notice HPPD like issues the advice is always the same, stop all drugs and live a healthy lifestyle. I wish you the best
  8. Hello! I am only just beginning to understand that I have HPPD, and even so I’m still not convinced 100% that I have it. About four years ago I probably did around 10 trips of acid within a year. Since then I’ve probably tripped 5 times. One of the biggest changes over the past year or two is developing symptoms of neuropathy, muscular things, and other nerve related symptoms. These include things like pins and needles in the hands and feet, strange sensations across my face, near constant muscle twitches in at least one part of my body, shaking in my hands, etc. I’m an otherwise he
  9. Hello! I’ve only recently began to understand that I have HPPT. And even so I’m still not completely sure if I do. But one of the things that has developed with the rest of my symptoms over the past 2 to 3 years is bad chest pain. it’s not associated with anxiety and it definitely is musculoskeletal. After talking with the doctor I was diagnosed with costochondritis, basically inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs and the sternum. I saw other people talk about connective tissue issues with HPPD. Wonder if it could be something like that.Wonder if it could be something like that.
  10. Yea, but did that go away before you started with the sertraline or when you were on it?
  11. I no longer have visual snow but I still have trails, and see moving patterns on surfaces.
  12. Yea it really is! But i'm curious, you've said that your visual snow diminished, was that when you were on Sertraline? And are your vision really clear today?
  13. Before we get into the significance of this connection, we must first learn a little bit about what Levetiracetam and SV2A are. click (LINK) for links. Keppra In 1999, Levetiracetam (LEV—commercial name: Keppra©) was approved by the Food and Drug administration as a novel anti-epileptic drug. It is particularly useful in patients suffering from partial seizures, patients less responsive to conventional drugs or showing risks of drug interactions (Hovinga, 2001). Even if the exact mechanism by which LEV acts on seizures is still undefined (we don’t even known if LEV is an agoni
  14. P.S.S. If i focus my mind, focus my vision i don't see any hallucinations. Only in mirrors, and for first 30seconds only. + Its not always. If i work on my bike in mornings, its very rare to hallucinations to appier, but later in afternoon.. if only i could stop thinking about it after hard day.
  15. Yo folks. I smoked first time 0.2 No effect, no withdrawal. I smoked week later 0.2 acid Panic attack, little trip, lasted 15mins. Withdrawal, irritable 3days. Smoked month later 1.0 (Strong unknown, not wet(i think non acid) high fun Next day 1.0 high fun. Here we go... First strange thing i noticed, third day i was high in afternoon without weed. Normal week, clear brain. I drunk 0.5l of vodka and next day i got all visual snow symptoms. I was so stressed that i damaged my brain for 2months. Last 2months (4months of visual snow) i started to see things.. some sort of faces or eye
  16. Hello Friend, I'm sorry to hear your difficulties. However, what you have going for you is your rather short drug history. We're all different and contract this condition for various reason with various manifestations of symptoms. For me it was excessive LSD use over a period of months which I think landed me here. I was young at the time and actually continued tripping despite the symptoms because I didn't care. Now I am older (31 years old) and still have symptoms but they are nothing like they used to be. I am happy, have a family and am currently working on a PhD in math. Lif
  17. Hi all, I’m a newbie. I found this forum a couple of months ago when I googled ‘can lsd change your peripheral vision?’ What a ride that was! After a week of intense anxiety, I retook control of my narrative and all symptoms generally subsided. So I assumed it wasn’t HPPD. On Sunday, I had a quarter tab and now I’m quite certain it is. I’m quite self-aware and I write for a living, so I may be able to put into words some of the things people struggle to describe. If so, I hope it’s useful. I think (/hope) that my case is mild but I guess we’ll see. I’ll start
  18. It is interesting. We are all different. In the beginning of medication I think I did feel some exacerbation of visual symptoms but I stuck with it because I also felt some gain in the anxiety, depressions, OCD realm. I think the flare up was short lived and once an equilibrium was reached which usually takes 8 weeks or so, maybe even longer they went back to baseline. I still have visuals today but they are much less prevalent and I have accepted that I will likely have them for the foreseeable future. This is what one gets for taking 15 hits of good LSD in one night.
  19. This is interesting, because i've read a couple of other cases were it actually have helped alot (see below). Did your visual snow go away while you were on them? https://amp.reddit.com/r/HPPD/comments/6a62yr/ssri_helped_with_hppd/ And a case study, but it seems that he only had HPPD type l since it says that his symptoms "occured almost daily": "Antidepressant treatment was begun with sertraline 25 mg and was titrated upward slowly owing to concern about these flashbacks. Mild exacerbations of these LSD-like phenomena were noted for 2 to 4 days after each dosage increase, primarily as
  20. Since you've had it for so long and it's severity i would try Keppra or Lamotrigine if i were you! Read the thread below! And i'm curious, which drug caused yours and what's you history with drugs?
  21. Thank you very much Nick, i appreciate the effort you put in for me. I will definitely try meditation because i also need more rest in my mind. I was a person living from high to high always feeling this emptiness, i try really hard not using any substances, i gave up on smoking for over a month now and i started running. I feel these benefits so i am open to meditation and i truly believe i can benefit from this. I assume that meditation can lower stress and in this way it can benefit for hppd. Thanks alot
  22. Glad to help. There are many different options but basic technique is very simple. Set aside a time of day (I like the morning) and a place Seated on the ground or in a chair (whatever is comfortable) Eyes open or closed your choice (maybe closed since visuals can be distracting) Back straight posture good but not uncomfortable Set a timer (start small whatever feels reasonable maybe 2-5 minutes) For that time your only responsibility is to place your attention on the rhythm of your breath Breath normally and count your breath 1,2,1,2,1,2....
  23. Thanks for your response, i appreciate, could you perhaps send a link or site of wich meditation you are using? I'm new to this. Thank you
  24. Hi Friend, I'm sorry to hear how much you are struggling. Unfortunately I do not have much experience with meds other than Zoloft which I have been on for about 3 years and has helped my anxiety and OCD. I don't think it's impacted my visual symptoms and they have progressively gotten better. I know it's hard to bear day in and day out but try to stay positive; you will recover. Everyone's path through recovery is different, this disorder is very strange and sometimes doesn't seem to make sense. I tell everyone the same thing which is what worked for me: Stop all drugs (even a
  25. Hi guys, I'm at this point where my hppd is getting so bad that my life quality is getting low and its affecting everything. I cannot enjoy being outside by day, i go crazy over white walls, need to wear sunglasses everywhere.. I'd like some help, thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance I'm 27 years old, i live in Belgium and i think i have hppd symtoms for over 4 years now. I have very very bad visual snow. I gave up on all drugs because of my hppd. The last year it got a lot worse. The only stuff i still use is alcohol and sleeps meds. I took zolpidem (ambien) to sleep,
  26. I wonder if there’s a way to quickly get more vitamins in. (Sulbutiamine, magnesium threonate.?)
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