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  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) support forum - HPPD, flashbacks, drug-induced visual snow syndrome and depersonalization/derealization.

    Common HPPD symptoms: visual snow, palinopsia (trails/afterimages), increased BFEP, increased floaters, ghosting, halos, starbursts, macropsia/micropsia, geometric hallucinations, closed-eye visuals, flashbacks, depersonalization/derealization, anxiety, depression, brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, tinnitus.

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    • Hey 😊 I was wondering if any of y’all’s symptoms get worse after hitting your head. That seems like an odd question. TMI, but over the last 25 or so years I have been punched in the head, punched in the face, and choked out. (A few bad relationships, not just by one person. If that even matters.) I also got thrown headfirst into a wall and lost consciousness for a few seconds (I think; one minute my head crashed into the wall and the next minute I was lying on my back pointed away from the wall.) I read that repeated blows to the head and strangulation, even if you don’t pass out, can cause permanent damage. Nowadays if I hit my head on something it makes my visuals a bit worse. 6 days ago I was cleaning my house and I slopped a small puddle of water on my hardwood floor. I then ended up slipping on it, flew backwards and BASHED the back of my head into the edge of my coffee table!! It hurt so bad! I went to the ER to make sure I didn’t have a fracture. I’m fine, just a knot on the back of my head and I definitely got knocked silly. The day after, I woke up and had the worst HPPD symptoms! I take Klonopin and other meds and after I took them I was ok. Does this happen to anyone else when they hit their head?
    • I became QUITE the drinker after I developed HPPD. I was even starting to drink a bit too much before that because the guy I was with at the time was basically an alcoholic and would start drinking beer like at 11 am! But I drank with him anyway. Every minute I was at his house, and I was there a lot especially because living at home SUCKED. I had a job but when I was off work I always hung out with him and drank and smoked pot. He was basically the one who introduced me to LSD. I was 19 at the time. We used to trip almost every weekend. Then drink tons of beer and smoke loads of pot to come down. My poor brain ☹️ I got HPPD in August of 1998. I was a couple months away from turning 20 and I worked at a bank as a teller. I ended up losing my job because I couldn’t think straight and I couldn’t balance my drawer. After I got HPPD, I drank a lot because it was the only way to get my mind off of it and not be completely freaked 24/7. I was ok when I was inebriated but the next day my HPPD would be worse. I guess from the alcohol. 
    • Yea, i've thought about this a lot too... I can get my anxiety down to a very low level if I am at home, alone, watching a film or playing music... My visuals and DPDR stay the same though, so I don't think anxiety directly affects the visuals.  Likewise, with alcohol, I can get both my anxiety and dpdr down quite a lot, but my visuals stay the same. 
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    • thequestioner827  »  David S. Kozin

      Hi David, I was wondering if you had a full text version of the paper you posted here:
      I have university access to PubMed and Medline but I'm still unable to find a full-text version, only an abstract like what is posted here.
      Thanks in advance!
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    • since92  »  David S. Kozin

      Hi Dave, I see in your profile pic one of your original posts from 1999, then I see that you joined this one in 2010.  Is it possible to see posts from the forum that we all used to message on - I'm presuming that you and I were on the same one forum?   It's because another user and I are looking for people we messaged with back in 2003 but I think though that I had a different user name in those days.  Do you know of that forum and whether we can access posts from those days?  I would like to see those early posts of mine because they had a lot of info about how my HPPD developed etc..  Many thanks.
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