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  1. *Sighs* This is actually really interesting. Do you have any links to back this up? I'm not contradicting you, after all the posts I've read I'm inclined to agree, just curious if you have any research articles I can read that touch on this?
  2. Yeah, a teaspoon is 5g, and from all the reading I did, typical dosage for a variety of symptoms ranges from 2g-3g, 5g being the upper end. I do want to point out that there have been cases of kidney and liver failure when taking Black Seed Oil, though it sounds rare and there is conflicting ideas on whether BSO was the actual cause. It can also interact with different medications, as it interacts with the CYP450 liver enzyme. I had started taking it as it has implications in treating Diabetes (I'm on the verge of pre-Diabetic), it's good for your skin and hair (it has Omega 3,
  3. Yes, you can get HPPD from Mescaline. Plenty of people have developed HPPD from using phenethylamines, 2C-B being a classic example.
  4. I have black seed oil laying around that I bought for other reasons (helps with social anxiety, calms me when irritable, and it's just generally really healthy). I will say that I noticed odd visual effects sometimes when taking it, so I stopped, which is interesting as I'm otherwise free from HPPD. That being said, sometimes things need to become worse before they get better. Like your brain is being re-wired in a positive way. Interesting.
  5. I don't mind at all, that's actually a very good example, and it makes a lot of sense (I was in the E.R. of a hospital during said trip, looking up under bright florescent lights where the nurses/doctors looked demonic/dead). Thank fuck I don't experience that anymore, but if I did re-wiring that pathway in the way you mentioned makes sense. It's like exposure therapy. @rlopes Thanks. Getting my 2nd vaccine dose on the 5th, waiting two weeks after that, and then I'll begin my taper again. I'll make a post about it when I start again.
  6. How quickly did you taper, if you don't mind me asking? I'm going to be re-starting a Klonopin taper soon, and this is a concern I have, is that this garbage drug has permanently fucked up my brain. On topic: If this is true it's great news, but given the small sample size in the study I'd take it with a grain of salt. A bigger study would need to be conducted. That said, I started taking Klonopin shortly after developing HPPD, and have been on it for around 15 years (which is a stupid thing to do...don't do it), and I also boozed (also dumb). Anyway, my visuals are gone
  7. For both me and the person mentioned, it's not ignoring the symptoms, it's gone. There are cases where it goes away, and cases where it seems permanent. You don't know what group you fall into so don't lose hope. I used to feel the same way as you. If you search through the forum you'll find there are others who've had it go away, either through time, or through medications they've tried. My trails were moderate and the micropsia was frequent and very disturbing. HPPD is a horrible disorder that everyone deserves to recover from.
  8. I used to have trails, geometric patterns in wood-grain/various surfaces, vision that looked very "fluid", micropsia, visual snow (this hasn't gone away, but it's never bothered me), and a visual that I think is DP/DR related and not related to HPPD, where people under flourscenet light looked demonic/dead-looking (could also be a PTSD response, the trip that gave me HPPD was a really bad trip where dying was a big theme). I can't give a precise amount of time that my HPPD has been gone because I started taking Klonopin within a year of getting the disorder, which masks the symptoms. I do
  9. Only when you take them. They don't cure HPPD.
  10. @OnemorestepI'm glad you didn't take it personally, you give great advice. Thanks to you as well @bpl4269 Currently I'm still at 2mg a day. I'm waiting until I've received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine before continuing to taper, my rationale being that benzo withdrawals can resemble flu-like symptoms. Only 4 days to go until my first vaccine shot, but with my horrible luck I'll probably catch Covid before then Luckily my prescriber is relenting and letting me taper at whatever pace I want when I start going back down. He's frustrating because he is frequently wr
  11. I'm about to start taking Lamictal for a non-HPPD related reason, and then found this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5655014/ Looks like Keppra and Lamictal both affect SV2A the same way. If you do a search through the forums, there are success stories attributed to both medications. Very interesting.
  12. Sorry for being a jerk. You're a good guy and I know you're trying to help. My dog died today so I'm having trouble not getting mad at random people. To try and answer what you wrote, I've seen this guy for about 15 years and did everything you suggested in the past. Luckily when I last talked to him he wrote me a prescription for 2mg a day and told me I can go as slowly as I need to. Sorry for being a jerk. I don't handle stress well so I generally flip out on people for no reason. Just yesterday I yelled at someone in a store for not wearing a mask. I'm a prick but I'm working on
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