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  1. Taurine and lions mane are both bad for HPPD. Taurine especially because it’s an upper. I think it’s much more likely that those supplements made your hppd worse, not the trazodone. It sounds like you were getting better and then stopped taking the trazodone and started taking high doses of supplements. I took 500 mg of Taurine once and felt like I was gonna have a heart attack my heart rate went up so freaking quick. Taurine has a similar effect like caffeine that’s why they put taurine in Red Bull. Caffeine makes my hppd a lot worse. 1500mg Is a ton that could have caused your hppd relapse.
  2. Hey what’s up man. I also got hppd in the summer of 2016. Been one hell of a ride and yeah it’s gone down a lot for me too. The first 2 years were the hardest. I’m 23 now and I really only notice visual snow and brain fog, occasional tracers but only if I’m looking at something bright.
  3. I’d agree with Jay1 on this one doesn’t matter if it’s Vyvanse Adderall Focalin or Ritalin all adhd stimulant medications are essentially the same and chemoligically they are all amphetamines I know that Adderall specifically is classified as a methamphatamine. In fact Adderall and Crystal Meth are the same molecule except Adderall has 2 methyl groups and Crystal meth has 3 methyl groups, making it stronger. Studies were done where participants took high levels of Adderall and couldn’t tell the difference between that and meth. My point is that this shit will make your hppd worse and may even
  4. I agree with you man, reddit is chaotic and there's a ton of misinformation on there. That being said I do not think supplements are the cure to hppd. If you eat a healthy diet you'll end up getting the same nutrients in those supplements but in a healthy and safe way.
  5. I was taking Tyrosine 500mg once a week because I was reading old posts on this forum that it helped a bunch of people. I also read online that it was a gaba agonist similar to valerian and I was looking for valerian alternatives. Recently I noticed that tyrosine caused my heart rate to go up and increased my anxiety/panick symptoms so I stopped. I'm going to consult my doctor before taking any kind of supplement in the future and I recommend anyone reading this does the same. Hope you're feeling better.
  6. Update: I do not recommend that anyone takes supplements unless their doctor tells them to. Supplements can have either positive or negative affects on hppd and if you're taking supplements or medication it should be under close supervision of a doctor. Some supplements can interact with medication. In addition, there are lab studies that show supplements sometimes have added ingredients and impurities that can cause adverse health effects.
  7. Hey how's it going. I think you're onto something here. In the DSM it says that HPPD is often misdiagnosed as panic disorder. In addition, we know from individual accounts that HPPD can sometimes mimic PTSD symptoms and severe anxiety/ panic attacks. All of these symptoms are directly connected to the adrenal response. This explains why gaba agonists like Klonopin and Valerian reduce HPPD symptoms. Because gaba functions to calm down the fear center in the brain aka the adrenal response (fight or flight). I was actually diagnosed with b12 deficiency a year after getting HPPD. Your body needs v
  8. Some people develop VSS without having any past drug use sometimes and some people have it from birth. My friend has Visual Snow because he was in a car accident and the collision affected his eyes. But he doesn't have HPPD. So it is possible that you have VSS and some sort of anxiety disorder together. I have pretty severe Generalized Anxiety (GAD) so I know how anxiety can affect people and its sometimes hard to step outside of the panic. It's also totally possible that you developed HPPD after smoking weed. Honestly I think if you do have HPPD the hash you smoked was probably laced with som
  9. Meditation has always helped me with hppd related symptoms, anxiety the most. I wouldn't worry about it triggering anything or making it worse. I find it's easiest to meditate when I'm in a comfortable position, eyes closed, mind clear, and focus on nothing except my breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth.
  10. Oh I guess I was wrong about Keppra, I did more research into Klonopin because I heard a lot of positive feedback about Klonopin so I thought they were in the same class. It seems like most people on the forum react the best to Klonopin and Keppra from what I've read. Yeah so the brand of eye drops I use is all natural homeopathic, made in france so you can get it basically everywhere. The issue I have with regular eye drops and artificial tears is that they're commonly made with harmful ingredients like propylene glycol (which is an artificial preservative and should not be going in you
  11. Using precision tinted lenses helps me to tune out the background static. Without them I kept drifting off into the snow it was hard to focus on anything. I personally use the Theraspecs "Wrap" lenses bc they block out light the most and i'm super light sensitive. Whenever I start to look at the snow or geometrical patterns it gets worse, that's what I remember a lot of people saying also its basically a rule of hppd don't look focus on the visual stuff or freak out about the mental stuff or it gets way harder.
  12. Hey whats going on man. To be honest it seems like the only things that help are substances that stimulate gaba receptors. Benzos are used to treat the anxiety problems associated with hppd and I know that its reported to help with the visual symptoms also. From what I've heard the Benzo that works the best is Klonopin (Clonazepam). But a lot of people get side effects and dependencies so just be aware of that. Another popular one is Keppra. I personally do the natural route and try to take supplements that stimulate gaba receptors. My regimen consists of Omega 3 fatty acids 2000mg /day. Passi
  13. From what I’ve gathered I feel like the most probable cause of hppd is excessive serotonin 5ht2a up-regulation resulting in neuronal toxicity and subsequent neuronal death. The running theory is that hppd is caused by 5ht receptor death over time. I think that what’s causing the 5ht death is overexcited / overstimulated 5ht2a receptors following drug use. These neurons are connected to vision because lsd and pcp (leading causes of hppd) affect the visual cortex primarily. I think this because all of the things that seem to make hppd “better” stimulate gaba receptors which are function to calm
  14. Hey guys how’s everyone doing? Had pre-hppd symptoms for a year and 4 years of full hppd after dosing 2 tabs of LSD which felt like 10. It might have been 2CB. I just recently got diagnosed with HPPD though. Main symptoms are micropsia/macropsia, visual snow, geometric patterns, closed eye visuals, tracers, DP/DR, brain fog. I really have all the symptoms though. Was having full lsd flashbacks for around 6 months but they stopped eventually. Doing a lot better now though I’d say my symptoms have reduced at least 50% probably more. Things are becoming manageable.
  15. I think the reason your computer monitor makes your hppd worse is because of blue lights. Every LCD works with 3 color pigments to create an image. Within every pixle theres a blue light, yellow light, and red light. Blue lights in particular are known to cause adverse side effects for some people because they stimulate outside light/ daylight. Your brain is programmed to wake up when it sees the color blue basically and causes a sort of adrenaline response. Also if you're dealing with hypersensitivity issues like light enhancements or color enhancements the backlight from your monitor can agg
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