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  1. welcome to the dark side of random shapes, colors, and visual static . i stare at stuff all the time but i dont really notice things without doing so.
  2. I first started getting symptoms about 14 months ago, It is obvious that weed makes it more apparent, so i took a break off smoking for maybe 2 months. my symptoms went from having static as soon as i wake up and worsening throughout the day as i smoked. along with lots of very colorful and texture filled hallucinations when i got really baked. i was also into a hippy type of phase i guess and would meditate a lot while smoking. it was a very strong and different experience every time . i would also get morphing of walls or surfaces and other types of psychedelic experiences when smoking and s
  3. Has anybody else had encounters with a snake or other types of animal entities?
  4. hey guys I am starting a new channel where i talk about hppd, mental health, and maybe throw in a couple of stories here and there. maybe you'd wanna check out my first video where i am talking about hppd and what it is and some common symptoms. I also go over how i got my hppd and what its like having it. Maybe check out my personal story! looking for feedback thankyou
  5. Has anybody ever proposed the idea that HPPD is actually just DMT being produced by the body at levels higher than we are used to? For those that don't know, the body produces natural DMT from multiple locations in the body such as the eyes, lungs, and pineal gland. I have been experimenting a lot with my HPPD, testing how it works and smoking lots of pot. I've found that my hallucinations have become so much stronger and more intense. The hallucinations are very psychedelic and only hit while I am high or very tired. Which I have also heard is a link to DMT being broken down in your body, pi
  6. Am I to stop using drugs because of it bringing the symptoms of HPPD out more while I'm high or does it actually make sober me worse too?
  7. And just to note, I have slowed down smoking and am in the act of trying to stop completely. And also the entire time frame of this started in January when I first tried it.
  8. Hey guys I am completely new to this website and psychs in general, but I have been experiencing some symptoms of hppd and I think I could use some advice. I have taken LSD probably 6 times over the course of about 2 months. I took my first tab about 2 weeks before I "got into it" you could say. I tried it again about 2 weeks after the first time and then again later the next week after that. The next week after I had taken LSD twice in one week. Took a break for a week and a half or so then did it again. Then again 3-4 days later. Very irresponsibly, yes I know. That might have been
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