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  1. My doc knows nothing about HPPD and I'm being treated for drug induced psychosis. I feel like I have both. I had many psychotic trips and I never really recovered from them. Sometimes I hear voices inside my head that are not my own, sometimes Im afraid they will take over my mind. I also have a lot HPPD symptoms. I rarely leave my house, can't live on my own anymore, can't even stay in my own house alone at night, my condition is very severe. I've been sober for a year, HPPD and the psychosis thing started 3 years ago at the same time. After a psychotic trip I was left with HPPD symptoms +
  2. Hello, I just made an account here. It's very bad. I wish I would be exaggerating but the amount of pain I am going through is unbelievable and I simply can't take it anymore. I have had mild HPPD for 2-3 years. It wasn't even that mild but I saw spiritual meaning in it and I actually enjoyed it. Well for the most part. Things got bad 8 months ago when I experienced a huge panic attack on LSD. I had Xanax and that drug literally saved my life that day. But next day I woke up feeling so anxious, hyperaware, it felt like the trip didn't even end. I ended up in the ER a couple days a
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