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  1. I started Muay Thai recently and sometimes after training I don't feel so good cognitively, does any of you have experience with HPPD and martial arts ?
  2. You know we have to remember that we represent a really tiny minority of people who got fucked by HPPD. I think for most people under right conditions mushrooms can be a powerful medicine. They should at least mention the risk of HPPD and what it entails though.
  3. Just letting you know that I suffer from exactly the same thing, only time and sobriety really helepd so far. Did you tried benzodiazepines ?
  4. Basically it allows to either inhibit or desinhibit specific parts of the brain for the long run. I know a french guy who did it on his occipital lobe and it cured his HPPD 100%. Another one will soon follow the treatment, I hope he gets better. Any experiences with this ?
  5. Yep, that's why for a while now I thought about going on a healing retreat in a remote location, fasting, meditating, exercising and sleeping. And after that have a healthier lifestyle than I do now. A bit like when you're used to hot showers and take very cold ones for a bit, switching to warmer showers afterwards is very easy.
  6. Hey, sorry that you suffer from this. SSRIs are know to cause HPPD sometimes and to exacerbate existing ones. If it's any help I had the "reverse" thing : I was on an SSRI for some months and took an anticholinergic after and bam ! HPPD Indeed it's weird that Clonazepam didn't help, maybe it's something common for people who got HPPD from antidepressant ? Anyways if I were you I would stop all drugs, I didn't and I believe it really got in the way of any possible recovery. Good luck be strong things get better
  7. I'm very sorry for you that sounds really painful, if this is any help CBD oil works great for me to help fall asleep
  8. @cleanmcsweenI was a zombie, I had very strong visual snow, blurred vision, fatigue, awful head pressure, heavy brainfog. I was sleeping 14 hours a night minimum. Can't focus on anything. Strong pain in my left eye and eyebrow. Dry eyes and mouth with red eyes, hypersensibility to drugs... Now 4 years later it's gotten better and the only symptoms that really still bother me is the headpressure and accompaying brainfog with dry eyes still but less severe. + ofc i have all the classic visual disturbances, halo, afterimages, trails, patterns etc... but you understand that they are pretty minor r
  9. Thanks for updating @Blossyand glad to read that things are going better for you, you convinced me to try Niacin. Any particular brand you're taking or is it something we can buy at a pharmacy off the counter ? And I agree that the less time spent thinking about HPPD and symptoms the less invasive they feel, which sounds obvious writing it lol
  10. For how long did you suffer from brainfog and headpressure before taking lamotrigine ? And how long did you take it and what dosage to see this effect ? Please answer as I am desperate to find somethign to relieve head pressure I would be willing to give lamotrigine another try...
  11. Yeah I have this and it is worse when I use dark mode (white letters on black background), sometimes it happens while I am reading and can be very distracting.
  12. 4 years and half in and things get better with time, first two years were really hard for me too. Really try to be sober man I was being reckless with drugs and alcohol and it definitely got on the way of my recovery.
  13. Yeah my appearance changed since HPPD because I look tired as I sleep bad, and I have dry eyes now so I often look like I just smoked a joint and I don't look good this way lol, eyes are small and make me look old. It bothers me but what can I do, sometimes my symptoms randomly get better for a few hours and the change in my face is notable, I look like the "normal" me. When this happens my GF who met me post-HPPD often comments on how big my eyes are lol But like other said most people even close friends don't think I've changed at all which is weird, I feel like 50% me To answ
  14. I'd be willing to try Niacin and keep a journal if the results interest you Fawkinchit. Vitamin B3 sounds pretty safe... right ?
  15. Franchement les médicaments m'ont jamais aidé pour ce symptôme à ta place j'essaierais juste d'être sobre bien manger bien dormir etc... C'est pas ce que tu voulais lire mais bon c'est mon expérience et j'ai le même symptôme que toi. Ah ouais et essaye d'écrire en anglais sur ce forum si tu veux qu'on te réponde
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