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  1. 4 years and half in and things get better with time, first two years were really hard for me too. Really try to be sober man I was being reckless with drugs and alcohol and it definitely got on the way of my recovery.
  2. Yeah my appearance changed since HPPD because I look tired as I sleep bad, and I have dry eyes now so I often look like I just smoked a joint and I don't look good this way lol, eyes are small and make me look old. It bothers me but what can I do, sometimes my symptoms randomly get better for a few hours and the change in my face is notable, I look like the "normal" me. When this happens my GF who met me post-HPPD often comments on how big my eyes are lol But like other said most people even close friends don't think I've changed at all which is weird, I feel like 50% me To answ
  3. I'd be willing to try Niacin and keep a journal if the results interest you Fawkinchit. Vitamin B3 sounds pretty safe... right ?
  4. Franchement les médicaments m'ont jamais aidé pour ce symptôme à ta place j'essaierais juste d'être sobre bien manger bien dormir etc... C'est pas ce que tu voulais lire mais bon c'est mon expérience et j'ai le même symptôme que toi. Ah ouais et essaye d'écrire en anglais sur ce forum si tu veux qu'on te réponde
  5. I think it was 2mg not 6 (which would be colossal). I think most people dont want to try cause you run a very high risk of addiction with this regiment and then have your life ruled by withdrawal and taper off afterwards... Not even talking about the amnesia this would likely cause + IME being too dishinibited all the time can lead to some social situations that seem fine on the moment but in retrospect were pretty awkward or where you said or did innapropriate things without realizing.
  6. It may be milder than some but still very imparing, quality of life down by 50%. I think as long as it creates distress it can be considered as HPPD : a chronic disorder caused by an hallucinogen.
  7. Same as you, leaving an answer to be updated.
  8. Hey man, Your symptoms are very similar to mine and I think you do have HPPD despite no visual symptoms, I'm French too if you want to talk in private messages I'd very glad to.
  9. These are my worst symptoms too, they've been gradually getting better. I'm 4 years in and very much still impaired but it's still way better than the first year when it was really extreme. How long have you had the pressure and fog ?
  10. Hi, wondering if you guys experienced something similar with one or more of your symptoms ? I'm roughly 2 months sober and eyelid and facial twitches have come back after having disappeared for at least a year. That makes me thinks that being sober at least has an influence on the brain ? I think it's a good thing but that very well be wishful thinking and those twitches are maybe indicative of nothing good. Basically have you had symptoms disappearing for a relatively long time and come back for seemingly no reason ? and if so how has that turned out for you ?
  11. What do you mean by that ? I get withdrawal after more than 2 days of using along with pretty bad memory issues, does that mean something regarding glutamate vs gaba in the brain ?
  12. No it's my bad, I say "HPPD" but I don't have strong visuals or anxiety, I share a lot of symptoms but the main ones are visual snow, dry eyes, cognitive and memory impairment and chronic pain... All brought by nutmeg. But MDMA is what gave me after images and visual snow in the first place. So I think our situations are kind of reversed, and the visual snow you got from DXM may be a milder expression of the syndrome I experience from nutmeg, both being anticholinergic.
  13. Yeah dude I got HPPD pretty hard from nutmeg which is similar in action in the brain to DXM and cold sneezing pills
  14. Hey guys, I've been on Keppra for a little more than 3 months now, 1250mg a day at the moment with a 1500mg goal but I started to notice that my hair are falling out when I pass my hand through or when I take a shower... I feel like the Keppra is slowly improving my symptoms however, especially brain fog. I'm 23 so it may seem superficial but I'm a bit alarmed by this lol Apparently zinc supplementation can help with the hair loss induced by Keppra and I'm lucky enough to have some on hand so I'll see if it has a positive effect or not. I will update this post in case
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