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  1. I don't really get what's going on here and don't have time to get involved... but please don't post personal websites/emails etc, as we got a complaint about doxxing.
  2. Thanks Ed, good to hear more articles are soon to be published on this disorder. I've pinned the post.
  3. Haha, well... If you ever were clubbing in Birmingham or any uk festivals, there's a chance we probably did share a sweaty hug at some point!
  4. I used to rave with a group of about 20, i've chatted to quite a few of them about mental health in general and pretty much no one escaped scott free... Three that i have chatted to have visual snow and see occasional tracers and after images, but it is not enough to cause them any worry. 2 of the group got drug induced psychosis. Others depression and anxiety. tbf we did hit it a bit hard though
  5. Your story sounds very similar to mine... I can pinpoint one specific night on LSD that changed everything (microdot at glastonbury festival, 1995)... But even though I use that night as the start of my serious hppd battle... the mdma use after that added a lot to the overall nature of my hppd and made it a much darker place.
  6. I had mild hppd from LSD, then started taking mdma and made it severe.
  7. What about something like Pregabelin?
  8. You've provided one sentence worth of information, so it is very hard to say. Speak to a proper doctor, try a higher dose of klono, try other meds, try a talking to psychiatrist, try joining an anxiety group, try mindfulness and meditation, get outdoors, exercise, eat well, cut out caffeine, cut out alcohol, try all the other options that are available for anxiety. LSD is about the last on the list to try.
  9. You need to give us more info on why this would be your last resort. It's unfair putting the burden of such a decision on forum members... You seem to be hinting at "lsd or kill myself" we would then have to say lsd. But there are near infinite options between.
  10. Nah, doesn't sound like HPPD at all. Maybe drug induced panic attacks with some DPDR. Not sure SSRIs are a wise move though. As these are sporadic episodes, i would just ask for a fast acting anti anxiety med like Xanax for when they occur (just be very sensible with them).
  11. I can't see smoking being anything but bad for you if you had a bad reaction to edibles. If you do go ahead, my only suggestion is to go for a strain that is very high in CBD and low in THC. I have smoked weed a few times post-hppd and it's always been a horrible experience. I get the allure though!
  12. I've been on it for a month or so after my anxiety went totally out of control... My anxiety has since gone down but my dpdr and visuals are slightly higher. Trying to determine if the pros outweigh the cons. The cons are currently manageable, so will try another month.
  13. I did find the program ridiculously biased, but I do personally know people who have seen amazing results from proper, therapeutic mushroom doses. Every medicine has side effects and a seemingly rare side effect of mushrooms is hppd.
  14. I'm interested in this, as i live a long way from a city though, it is a bit difficult. If more people get success though, I will find a way
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