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  1. I waste too much time worried about a lot of things that I don't have control over, but I also have a lot of control of preparing my family to spend another three months in 100% quarantine because that is what I have agreed to do. Dr. Abraham is retired 100%, and I am unable to do any work at the time as I am primary caregiver to my mother who has 1 kidney, COPD, congestive heart failure, pacemaker and defibrillator and she lives at our family home, which we plan on selling eventually, but in the mean time I am the only family member that can do my best to keep the coronavirus out, which i
  2. Dr. Abraham is retired 100% and I am unable to do any work at the time as I am primary caregiver to my mother who has 1 kidney, COPD, congestive heart failure, pacemaker and defibrilator and she lives at our family home, which we plan on selling eventually, but in the mean time I am the only family member that can do my best to keep the coronavirus out, which in my area (Metro Detroit) will soon again be very challenging. Additionally, keeping her out of the hospital for other issues have required picking up some clinical skills I had not planned on doing. Just as a side not if current fu
  3. Mike, ACAD in Oct 2012 right? If you dont know, then ignore. But I think it was.
  4. Violet, you did list a few major qualifications that matches research and experiences: 1) I think Marijuana is a fine drug in general, but I never liked it. However, the first time I smoked it was a few weeks after my HPPD started -- I thought it would be a way to join the high my friends where having, but not take a hallucinogen --- I WAS WRONG. My symptoms shot to a 12 from what was probably a 6 just moments before a few hits. Then, symptoms gradually went down to the 10. Dr. Abraham goes so far as to say for someone with HPPD, he would avoid second hand smoke. It makes goo
  5. Essentially, the community does: 1: Introduce Themselves. 2: Comment and Share an Experience Relevant to an introduction. 3: Person asks questions (often repetitious, so it would be nice if suggested answers would be automatically included 4: People discuss mechanisms, medication and other topics that could be better and self organizing. 5: The board has lost 75% of activity in 2 years. My thought: 1) Have a verified user control that can't be spoofed for users that are verified. 2) Allow for creation of Questions like Quora, Topics Discussions, or Posting (like Facebook)
  6. "Characterization, Frequency and Severity of Visual Phenomenology in Adults with Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder" Name and address of the principal investigator David S. Kozin, Site where the study will be performed: Online. The study will be carried out at the office of the principal investigator with 256-bit SSL encrypted server access. Introduction Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) is a persisting, post-substance use disorder characterized by the diagnostic criterion of “the re-experiencing, following cessation of use of a hallucinogen, o
  7. HPPD STUDY IDEA: Prepulse Inhibition Study and Event-related Oscillations from Evoked Potentials: (P300 EEG, EMG & ERP) Mid-latency evoked responses are so designated to differentiate them from the earlier sensory potentials and later ERPs that are more affected by cognitive processing. The ERP measures that appear most important are the three most examined midlatency components in the auditory modality that are designated P50 (a positive component occurring between 35 and 80 ms after stimulus onset), N100 (a negative component occurring between 80 and 150 ms after stimulus onset
  8. Gamma-aminobutyric acid-ergic deficits might increase the vulnerability to the psychotomimetic and perceptual altering effects of serotonergic agents. These data suggest that interactions between GABAA and 5-HT systems might contribute to the pathophysiology of psychosis and dissociative-like perceptual states.
  9. DISCLAIMER: My ex-girlfriend was advised by her money manager not to put $25,000 into my suggestion to buy stock in the company that was testing this drug. It was October 2012, and it was $2.00. She didn't tell me she was going to buy some, she did it on her own in case it went down to $1.000 and she lost money. (Great Girlfriend, I know). Money Manager guy said it was not wise. She decided not to. I sent a facebook message to close family members. Nobody would listen, and I have given 2 stock suggestions in my life: Netflix, NVIDIA (in 2008, whenever it split twice in Feb). I explained why I
  10. It might make a useful post now. Unfinished. It can be your call. If you think helpful, then unhide it all and keep the conversation. One major step I worked to change is my ability to let go and trust others. Night!
  11. I was rambling on, and then wanted a break and to come back to it. It is perfectly fine to comment. ") it gives a good look into my brain I think. Also, if I am going to discuss something that may put me in a precarious situation, I just hide it and come back to it later. People with different learning styles or challenges in traditional classrooms or learning disorders are represented in a higher percentage than normal groups. This is Dr. Abraham's experience and I agreed. My qEEG and more specifically Dr. Frank Duffy's impression of my EEG back in 1999 is classic ADHD now. My fr
  12. Mad Doc gives great advice. I can tell you that your choice of grammar for your post's subject already tells me -- I am recalling many years of people giving an introduction -- you said something that puts you in a group that has the best outlook. What is it? You used exclamation marks, but just to say Hi. Not like "My life is ending!!!" But "New Here!!" It may seem like a small observation, but if I have to make a judgement this is telling. It goes along with how well you are doing for your time frame and this is a great indicator. - dk
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