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  1. Hi David, I was wondering if you had a full text version of the paper you posted here:

    I have university access to PubMed and Medline but I'm still unable to find a full-text version, only an abstract like what is posted here.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Dave, I see in your profile pic one of your original posts from 1999, then I see that you joined this one in 2010.  Is it possible to see posts from the forum that we all used to message on - I'm presuming that you and I were on the same one forum?   It's because another user and I are looking for people we messaged with back in 2003 but I think though that I had a different user name in those days.  Do you know of that forum and whether we can access posts from those days?  I would like to see those early posts of mine because they had a lot of info about how my HPPD developed etc..  Many thanks.

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing I will have much more to say on this type of therapy in a week or so. however, novel methods like this are definitely promising on face value. This direction of therapy is a welcome change and multiple types of treatments (non-pharmaceutical) are in various stages of investigation. I hope to have great news in a week. - david
  4. Hi! This sounds awful, but your experience smoking pot after LSD and having symptoms get worse is definitely consistent with HPPD. I can tell you that there are people who got HPPD at age 14 who are leaders in their field (significantly), but other than being a fighter jet pilot or a sniper as your lifelong goals: The vast majority of people with HPPD have a good life. The issue is that we often don't see them writing on message boards. From clinical psychologists to leading technology companies to prime time actors. In the beginning, it does consume your thoughts and this is normal. It may make every other thing you do feel like you may never feel happy again. However, I have heard this from many people and also have had many people talk to me later and tell me that I was right, and they can enjoy a football game again or playing the piano. I found one article of a single case with a person using synthroid that had symptoms consistent with HPPD, but the diagnosis was based on an eye condition. Honestly, I am not really impressed with the conclusion of the article, but in general Synthroid is not a problem. I'm going to send you a private message. I will look into your question a little further. This is the article. Again,it is a single case and I think the description of the symptoms could be physical in nature. https://www.healio.com/news/ophthalmology/20170523/woman-referred-for-blurry-vision-flashes-of-light-and-floaters
  5. EPISODE 1: Your Privacy, Research Methods and Introduction for HPPD Patient-Researchers. We all have different experiences with doctors and our families when it comes to getting support for HPPD. One major barrier to getting information is a reasonable concern of wondering how people will judge you and how can publicly admitting this diagnosis be a challenge for your life. I can tell you that it isn't easy, and from my experience majority of people that visit this site do not become members and I think there is wisdom to this. Can we do better? What are the risks of Facebook Groups? (I will show you how I can mine your data across multiple social platforms as long as you like my page or join a group.). PREPARING FOR THIS LIVESTREAM: DOCUMENTS FOR PERSONAL EDUCATIONAL USE 1) military.pdf Stanton, M. D., & Bardoni, A. (1972). Drug Flashbacks: Reported Frequency in a Military Population. American Journal of Psychiatry, 129(6), 751–755. https://doi.org/10.1176/ajp.129.6.751 2)horowitz_flashbacks.pdf Horowitz, M. J. (1969). Flashbacks: Recurrent Intrusive Images After the Use of LSD. American Journal of Psychiatry, 126(4), 565–569. https://doi.org/10.1176/ajp.126.4.565 3)Ikeda et al. - 2005 - 5-Methoxy-N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine-Induced Flashb.pdf Ikeda, A., Sekiguchi, K., Fujita, K., Yamadera, H., & Koga, Y. (2005). 5-Methoxy-N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine-Induced Flashbacks. American Journal of Psychiatry, 162(4), 815–815. https://doi.org/10.1176/appi.ajp.162.4.815 4)Salzman and Abraham - 2017 - Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder Follow.pdf Salzman, C., & Abraham, H. D. (2017). Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder Following Therapeutic Ketamine: A Case Report. Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence, 05(05). https://doi.org/10.4172/2329-6488.1000281 INFORMED CONSENTS
  6. Haven't slept longer than 4 hours in three days.

    • My HPPD is off the charts. 
    •  will not be available at all today. Please contact Jay1 for all of your needs. 
  7. We all have different experiences with doctors and our families when it comes to getting support for HPPD. One of our biggest challenges is the disorder is not well defined, and people will use attributes about the disorder's onset to dismiss the disorder, but I will show you why that supports the validity. BEFORE THE LIVE STREAM: I will be providing a small set of full articles that we will definitely discuss and you should be familiar with. These can be intimidating to people not familiar with reading primary literature from research in professional journals. However, there are a few simple ways to understand and judge them and the ability to do this on your own was a skill Dr. Henry David Abraham devoted much of his last text to. Papers that will help with the talk. (16) (PDF) Flashbacks and HPPD A Clinical-oriente.pdf0909CP_Letters (1).pdfTretter et al. - 2001 - Targeted Disruption of the GABAA Receptor δ Subuni.pdfVanneste et al. - 2018 - Thalamocortical dysrhythmia detected by machine le.pdf Utts - 2003 - What Educated Citizens Should Know About Statistic.pdf
  8. BENZINGA PSYCHEDELICS CAPITAL CONFERENCE LINK APRIL 19 | FONTAINEBLEAU MIAMI BEACH BENZINGA PSYCHEDELICS CAPITAL CONFERENCE Coming to you live from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, the Benzinga Psychedelics Capital Conference is bringing together leaders of the BIGGEST publicly-traded Psychedelics companies with investors from across North America. Join us for a day full of unique networking opportunities, insight on opportunities in this burgeoning space, and a chance to be in the room with the leaders who will take the Psychedelics industry to the next level. THERE ARE 50 PSYCHADELIC RESEARCH COMPANIES RAISING CAPITAL EITHER THROUGH OVER THE COUNTER TRADING, NASDAQ AND THE ACADEMIC RESEARCHERS AND NON-PROFIT GROUPS THAT WE AT LEAST HAD SOME REASONABLE RELATIONSHIPS WITH ARE ALSO BEING PUSHED ASIDE. The AUDIENCE: Qualified Investors. Vetted investors attending to hear your company’s investment thesis, take meetings, and potentially place capital.
  9. A few weeks ago, they were a surprise last addition at the Las Vegas House of Blues, and most haven't heard of them and I love the crowd being dismissive in the beginning and then the kick ass. (They are my Spirit Band like Taylor Tomlinson is my spirit comedian)
  10. Jay1 - I will work with this. I have 22 years spent collecting names and phone numbers of people who do not sign up to HPPDonline.com, but they visit the message board and never sign up. The people who sign up, and to anyone I am going to talk to I have to do what I need in order to maintain truth with individuals. I am going to address this as minimally as I can, and hope that it can be resolved on its own. Just to be clear, I have not worked with the NRF for a few weeks but the things I am going to mention to everyone is stuff that I picked up off the Internet. I sent a PM to PRF to get feedback about issues that often plague nonprofits.
  11. I never "Followed" / "Liked" a band before. I was always into classical music. I would be selective about recordings with what orchestra w/composer w/conductor. Then YouTube showed me these three sisters from Mexico, who went viral when the youngest was 8, 10, and 12 (bass, drummer, guitar/lead) playing Enter Sandman as good as any cover band you would hear. A am putting a trigger warning on the song because is does seem hopeless, but the drummer who is singing and playing piano (and wrote the song and lyrics) at 13 is now 18 and the band opened up for the Foo Fighters for a stadium of 70,000. If we got bad genetics that is preventing a system from resetting receptor density... this family got all of the good stuff with three very disciplined, growing up to be very attractive young women full of charisma and the are a Rock/Metal they are something I can obsess about listening to and they are touring the United States in their first tour right now. This is not a great example of their music, but it is fitting (And I have a copy of the lyrics written by hand by the drummer) but they all sing. Need a break from HPPD thoughts, want to hear new generation that is starting to blow up right now... the youtube videos of these woman live playing "evolve" "dust to dust" (drummer sings lead) Or Disciple / Choke. This is what I listen to to help me work through paper citations.
  12. Wow, i need an editor. ill fix this up later this evening after Intake a break from it. Sorry; dk
  13. DesertPanda. I spent extra time on this because it fits one of my specific interests. However, to get to the main points: 1) You used MDMA in that past, stopped for a few years, used again and had a bad "trip" that included full blow panic attack. Often, people describe having used drugs for some time, then taking a break and then only using a small amount and it having a very strong/negative impact. The complex symptoms of HPPD/DPD/VSS are usually part of a multiple step process. It isn't just one thing that does it, but it can (or at least is reported. By itself, this is not a significant indicator or much more than MDMA will never be like it used to be and I have tried the same thing, many years later with a batch I can say I was certain of purity and it just made me feel "F'd up" and if I had not had supportive meds it would have been much worse. 2) This is KEY BACKGROUND INFORMATION (others take note): BAD EXPERIENCE WITH MARIJUANA even before HPPD. If I had to put something as a predictor not to take hallucinogens (this would be it). You said a few things that show you really don't like it, but it seems that you were pretty involved in drugs and still used it many times (This would be a time to definitely stay away. I am not anti-drug, but when it sounds like you have a drug-related and lasting change in your perception then don't use it again. I didn't smoke while we were using Ecstasy and LSD. After taking a more than moderate amount of an adulterated pill sold as Ecstasy (It was not MDMA, and the markings on the pill later being associated with 2-CB) I woke up the next morning and my perfect vision was blurry and it felt like the most annoying parts of a hallucinogenic experience just kept going. They continued for 2 weeks like this. Then my friends took MDMA -- being an addict who wanted to join them somehow and this is 1998, so I had no idea what I could have but what harm could smoking pot have? I don't like it, but better than nothing, right? Was I wrong. HPPD Symptoms went from 8 to 12. Now, looking outside I watched homes undulating with colors and shifting. VIsual snow/static seemed to double. The taste in my mouth was worse. Those symptoms went down to a 10 after a few months. With medication some of those symptoms are down to a 4, but I also am on an addictive substance that controls my life. So, when I hear you say: I have tried weed many times, and I'm one of those people that hallucinates and freaks out. Even small amounts (5mg of THC) is enough to make me nauseous and feel detached from my body, and actually smoking elicits the aforementioned hallucinations. " These happened before starting Agmatine. It looks like Agmatine has a lot of biochemical pathways and it is understandable why it is used, why research has blown up on it since it was discovered to have genetic code to sequence for the enzyme for agmatine (Link to genetic map location) Now to the post in general: Don't worry, our unofficial motto should by these three phrases. While it isn't good that you aren't finding satisfactory responses elsewhere, it makes us sound like the Elite unit of the Internet that has heard all sorts of unique stories and we are pretty good. I am going to re-write your post in my own words, it won't be 100% accurate, but if I get something significantly wrong let me know: 1) Years ago, you used MDMA and reached a point when you were taking much more than the pill to one pill and 1/2 after a few hours that would have worked before. 2) It is fair to say that that majority of your experiences were pretty good, but eventually the rewards wasn't worth the side effects of having to take the higher dose ranges. 3) Like many MDMA users who stopped, we are in a situation where it is available and we remember the great times and we take it again after having taken a few years of a break from it. 4) A few months ago, you decided to try MDMA again. A moderate dose for you, but it was significant because you are calling it a "bad trip". It produced a full panic attack. 5) As part of a your work-out routine, you decided to buy and take agmatine sulfate, 750mg per serving. It is going to increase pumps. Why, you probably know that there are 20 different pathways to how it could happen. (More on this) 6) It is banned in the EU as a performance enhancer, but it appears this is more of a technicality but Her Majesty's General Chemist warned to needing improved measures for it because it can be found in other things. 7) It is not banned in the USA. But, there is a lot of research on how it could affect the body: It can reduce pain during work outs. By increasing nitric oxide it can enhance sex (guys will inject NO directly into their body) it is a vasodilator (another reason good for performance enhancing). I can see what it would be popular. I looked at the marketing of it and generally as expected: It is natural. It is essentially an amino acid. It can do all of these great things. It isn't banned, so it is good. Truthfully, it makes sense. Is there data to support the claim it helps, definitely. Do they tell you it has many possible effects on the brain, no. But, those help and hurt. 8 ) As you discovered, something euphemistically referred to as "hangover" from it sounds pretty severe: "muffled hearing, blurry vision, dissociation, elevated heart rate, detachment, anxiety, nausea, etc." I would see why it would not be easy to put the supplement together with these symptoms. As you eventually discovered, the compound has so many possible mechanisms and effects different systems that there is a surprising jump in literature published about it after they discovered it was genetically endogenous in mammals. Research of it as a neurotransmitter, it potential treatment for depression to helping parts of Autism to a drug that can help manage opiate withdrawal or manage the effectiveness of opiates. (https://nyaspubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1196/annals.1304.009) 9 ) You have tried weed many times. Mentioned this. It is very significant. 10) For the past month (I know what rolling should feel like and Tuesday Bluesday is not even remotely the same experience, so lets go with the Tuesday Bluesday [for those who haven't taken MDMA, we usually took MDMA on weekends and the day that we would feel the worst depression and other negative effects would be on Tuesday, so Terrible Tuesday and other nicknames got assigned for good reason. After that day, you were pretty much back to normal. The day before, not so bad.). 11) Hearing is muffled // eyes are blurry // LEDs make the star // recurring anxiety similar to the panic attack felt originally. Having a history with MDMA and then a negative experience with it later on that caused panic attacks is a common theme with something described that happened before onset of HPPD/HPPD-like symptoms Having AWFUL experiences with pot. Hallucinating on pot. These are also very consistent with people who have post-drug perceptual changes and with HPPD who have symptoms get worse with pot use even once. I have a lot of papers now on agmatine , but to summarize I can't go into any of the theory related to muscarinic cholinergic receptors of any type and HPPD as a predictor/etc or a reason to explain it (this is interesting because the chemical has SO many ways of acting in the brain that I have to sort through it over a week to get a reasonable understanding . However, it is a neuroactive compound that brought on a similar drug-effect from the past (anxiety/etc) and your vision is blurry and LED's are making stars. These visuals are very consistent with HPPD, as is having derealization or depersonalization. I am not a doctor. And it would be dangerous for a doctor to diagnose you over the internet. Everything sounds like experiences directly related to a drug experience, and this is part of the part that make people not want to believe in the diagnosis: Agmatine is not a hallucinogen. But, it sounds like this was the final part of three experiences that contributed to the where you are now. You should definitely see a doctor, and I describe your symptoms came after taking this supplement that you discovered had many neurological affects. It is really easy to look up, and it reminds you of past drug experiences. You want to rule out anything else, because I don't want you to be harmed as a result. You are exercising. This is good. You may notice symptoms get worse with it. Your post was an excellent example of a few important clues that are often missed unless put together. Make the doc appt. Check in if things are worse/better. Hopefully everything goes away tomorrow and we never hear back from you. But if that isn't the case, I would have additional questions and can provide you the documents that I downloaded that may help you on a personal journey to find possible links with this receptor system and the drugs action. Best wishes, David
  14. You can also change different views if you see the grid and list and fluid grid button. Also adjust how you see posts, It looks like my button worked once., so I will be adding a link to the calendar:
  15. I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to the community and discuss what is happening with HPPD research, discuss specifics of any research or ideas or just tell that the Detroit Lions will never win a Super Bowl. I have set a schedule that should cover the entire world (the time will be in your time zone and through the magic of time travel I will have the time or day that I need to be available.). I have used this one time this week in a private message, and it worked out with a call to the UK and lasted about an hour. An option to cancel is always available, and you aren't being charged and I am not dispensing medical advice, so cancel just means I have 30 minutes to work on a project. There is a maximum appointments allowed per day. Every appointment has a 15 minute buffer before and after. Because I will be very strict with privacy, I will have to end after 154 minutes and I can't tell you if I have an appt before or after you. If you hear me tell you what another user said, you should report me on the web site. I am very serious about privacy and I want any issues to be reported to Jay1 or publicly. UPDATE: THE BUTTON SOMETIMES APPEARS (WORKING ON IT), BUT IN THE MENU THE ITEM SCHEDULE TALK will send you here: https://calendly.com/david-kozin
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