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  1. snorting it? that's even worse than smoking it dude. if you're gonna snort anything make it cocaine haha but okay i hope you'll take care of yourself young man. good luck with everything
  2. Yes. I know life's fucked I hate it too, but meth is the filthiest most detrimental drug. You're so young darling, and I'm not gonna lecture you and I can't stop you from smoking shard if you want to or that's gonna be your coping mechanism, but from seeing what it's done to my friends and the people close to me and the relationships that have been destroyed, I wouldn't advise it. We all have our coping mechanisms and drugs can be great for that, for me it's benzos (not good either) but I'd choose them over meth any day cause I'd rather chill out and not care about anything and just pass out t
  3. Yes stimulants will enhance the visuals, at first I avoided stimulants at all costs, even caffeine, but 4 years later and I'm taking drugs again (occasionally cocaine, MDMA etc.) and I take dexamphetamine for ADHD and it does increase the visuals but not to a huge extent. The visuals are only worse temporarily though, it's not permanent but I would not recommend taking LSD or any hallucinogens again. Benzos definitely reduce the anxiety which sort of takes your mind off it, but I find the only benzo that actually legitimately reduces the visuals is clonazepam because it has ant
  4. i have bad after-images too, to be honest i don't think there is anything to fix them unfortunately it's hard, you just have to accept them i guess..
  5. Nothing helps the visuals, but magnesium and B complex reduce anxiety and make me feel a bit better. I am going to try Lion's Mane Mushroom soon.
  6. I just bought a bottle and waiting for it to arrive, it was the tablet form. I read that using powder has a stronger effect, but this was cheap so I thought i would try it. Has anyone tried it? Did it help? I'm hoping if i use it long term it will heal my brain..
  7. Are you from Australia ? You sound Australian haha I don't think anywhere else in the world uses the term cones or am I wrong
  8. Weird, thanks. I don't suffer from depersonalisation so I'll be fine haha. Visuals and this annoying tinnitus are the only things that bother me. So over them
  9. yes i noticed it appeared frozen, it really shocked me but in a good way. miss having normal vision but maybe we'll get it back one day
  10. do u still have visual snow? this might be common but i remember seeing visual snow as a kid, lying in bed in the darkness. now its just more intense
  11. http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/how-whole-turmeric-heals-damaged-brain-1
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