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  1. Mind-Bending: Psilocybin Reshapes Brain Networks for Weeks More like, forever lol
  2. Yes high doses are effective at temporarily improving visual symptoms. At 2 milligrams of Xanax I was in a mini vacation away from HPPD lol. Low doses are good enough to "loosen" you up like Yarkadin said.
  3. OpenScope Project Unveils Brain’s Secrets "One of this year’s OpenScope projects will explore how psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in “magic mushrooms,” changes brain activity at a cellular level."
  4. Thanks for this. Will read and pass along to my doctor.
  5. Yeah I don't know. I've been pro benzos recently, but who knows, time will tell. Good article though.
  6. A lot of people get visual snow syndrome from antidepressant use.
  7. Dr. Shidlofsky, Dr. White & Dr. Tsang explain the importance of funding Visual Snow research. This sounds fantastic but I still don't understand what the treatment is. Is it a medication or procedure? Tsang/Shidlofsky Visual Snow Protocol
  8. We're just assholes that took drugs so we don't matter but she gets the ball rolling in just a few years. But HPPD and visual snow is intertwined and I believe I have both because I had plenty of symptoms of both. When I experimented I never did with the intentions of destroying or not caring about my life lol.
  9. Sierra Domb has led a very successful campaign for Visual Snow Syndrome. Wow I'm so impressed and I only found out just now. These are the links to more information. She even has pictures with celebrities spreading awareness about Visual Snow Syndrome. She's also a sufferer herself and just had a Ted talk. https://sierradomb.com/ https://www.visualsnowinitiative.org/ What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action | Sierra Domb | TEDxUMiami
  10. I've never had anything prior to HPPD and visual snow but ever since onset at like around 23 I've been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and visual snow. Some doctors love to through the word bipolar around. I would definitely consider myself neurodiverse ever since I got this. I've had panic attacks only after having HPPD. I don't have them anymore. I also had tinnitus and many other things but most of that calmed down. But autism and ADHD I don't have. The anxiety and depression is considered clinical and not just like oh I'm feeling a little anxious and depressed today lol.
  11. Oh yeah I completely stay away from weed, coffee and psychedelics. Complete abstinence from such things lol. However alcohol I'm okay with. In fact alcohol seems to help me a bunch. Alcohol seems to be very effective on anxiety.
  12. I'm surprised anything helped you with visual snow. My visual snow never gets better (just worse in dark areas and climates). Well I'm glad that it helped you!!
  13. Wow what a combo! I'm very interested to hear about this. I'm currently on klonopin and it has been great. I tried lamictal and although it seemed like a very good medicine I started getting allergic side effects very early on just like with gabapentin, albeit much less severe. Without side effects the klonopin and lamictal combo should be amazing!!
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