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  1. Chill our @Fawkinchit ... Help the OP understand where they got it wrong rather than berating them. BTW - HPPD is a disorder, not a disease.
  2. I tried it after seeing the hype on reddit... Did nothing for me, sadly. Tastes like shit too
  3. It's about 20 years ago since I did this from Prozac... but my vague memory is the visual spike and anxiety went away after 3-4 weeks of stoping.
  4. The people I have told about my hppd have always been amazed that I have a mental illness and say I come across as laid back and relaxed. I always thought people must think I am an anxious mess and a bit of a strange person, as that's how I feel inside. I guess people don't look for this sort of stuff (or i'm a good actor!) The only thing some people have picked up on is that I struggle to hold eye contact. It's something I have improved over time though.
  5. Jay1


    I've gone 6 weeks a few times... I've also chatted to several top neurologists about this. I'll take their advice over "the benzo group" thanks very much.
  6. Jay1


    Please learn and understand about half lives before making statements like this as fact. You might have the smallest of traces of a benzo after 6 weeks, but the idea that that trace amount is the same as continuously taking a high dose benzo is just completely incorrect. Those trace amounts get stored in fat and do not affect the receptors that benzos bind to. Good luck in whatever you do, but your "Expert" sounds like an idiot.
  7. 2mg is still a big dose. I've had memory issues on that dose and just fall asleep a lot. On my honeymoon, i did 3 weeks taking 2mg a day... When I returned, I had some withdrawal issues, hard to sleep, increased anxiety etc. I'd be interested to know when the doctors took the follow up survey too, as you can feel some relief for the first few days after stopping klono.
  8. There has been 20+ years of research and experimentation since then, I think it's pretty telling that Dr Abraham himself doesn't/didn't seem to use this "2 month clonazepam" treatment for any of the people on this forum who were diagnosed by him (please correct me if I am wrong). Benzos are amazing if used correctly, but i'm just asking people to tread cautiously here and get medical advice.
  9. 2 months would put you at risk of addiction/withdrawal, so be careful. My view on this is that it could help in the early stages... Where the stress and anxiety of hppd creates a loop that makes hppd worse... Treating the stress and anxiety with clono might help the user break that loop and recover quicker. Not sure why it would help long term sufferers though, personally (as a cure rather than a band-aid).
  10. gotcha, thanks... that is not a symptom of hppd.
  11. Doesn't sound like hppd (floaters are not hppd), though it will help to describe what you mean by light tremor. Your body IS warning you that these drugs are not working out for you though.
  12. This is the most dangerous thing to think. I have made my HPPD so much worse by taking relatively small amounts of mdma and ketamine when I thought there is no way i can make my hppd worse... There is ALWAYS another level.
  13. I can't even Imagine fully recovering, then risking it all for a bit of weed. There are easier ways to reduce stress... Take up a hobby, exercise etc If you are serious about using weed to de-stress and not just an excuse to basically say "i want to get a high again"... then at least try a CBD only strain.
  14. I can only speak for myself... But i was a very optimist, outgoing person with no thoughts about my health at all before hppd.
  15. It's possible.. I've never heard of someone on here only having closed eye visuals without the normal visuals.. But it certainly seems likely to be drug related, so would likely fit under hppd in some way or another. The CEVs are the one part of my symptoms I can tolerate ok, as I just let them do their thing and try to relax and watch the show. If it is causing you stress though, i think all the advice above, including (especially) meditation could help you.
  16. Yea, it does sounds like hppd. Sounds like you have recovered a great deal, amazing! Floaters are not hppd (and can actually be fixed with surgery), but you will notice them more as you scan your vision for hppd visuals. All I can say is keep doing what you are doing... Avoid drugs (of course), minimise any alcohol, eat well and exercise. Avoid undue stress wherever possible. All the best, Jay
  17. Sounds like most of your issues are coming from the meds... I would taper down and just live a totally clean life for a while, get to understand your illness, see what makes you worse/better, try to de-stress etc Remember, saying no to a doctor is your absolute right.
  18. I'm sure there are some links between hppd and seizures, but you'll probably never know which caused which, so better to focus on recovery now. Stay sober, get healthy etc (i know this isn't much of an answer!)
  19. I've been trying a choline/inositol combo for 2 weeks... no noticeable difference, for better or worse.
  20. I'm never planning to sell for $/£, just keep until it's worthless or i can use it to buy things in the real world.
  21. haha, yea... been an interesting month, for sure!
  22. Nah, i don't think you have hppd. Like you say, the spikes are astigmatism, which is fairly common. I don't think it's a bad idea to limit your drinking and smoking for a while though anyway... I think the idea of hppd is gonna play on your mind every time you smoke, so probably not worth that added anxiety/stress.
  23. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you are still struggling... How is life in general?
  24. Can't remember tbh, I imagine i just read a post on here!
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