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  1. @Spartan thank you so so much for helping! We appreciate the braveness in telling your story. It helps so much! If you have any other questions, feel free to message me!
  2. Hey guys! I’ve teamed up with other members of this group to work on a larger documentary that’s not only including stories from people who have HPPD, but also touching on some of the research that’s going on right now. We are still looking for people to share their stories. Through this platform: https://hppd.typeform.com/to/hDPU0j?s=R Your answers can be completely anonymous if you choose and you also have the option to tell your story with video or just audio. This would be incredibly helpful! I hope everyone is doing okay. I’m always here to talk
  3. Meeting with Dr. Henry Abraham on Saturday! Anyone have any questions that you would like me to ask him for the documentary? Hope everyone is doing well
  4. Nope! But because I remember having faint visual snow occasionally, I believe that some people may have a predisposition to HPPD. So if you've experienced visual snow in the past, maybe you should tread carefully or better yet, not use hallucinogenic drugs at all.
  5. Hi everyone! If you haven't seen it already, several months ago I posted about creating an animated documentary about HPPD. So far, it's going great! I've finally planned a flight to meet up with Dr. Henry Abraham and wanted to ask the group if you had any questions that you'd like me to ask him during the interview. (Questions that would benefit the documentary and would help convey what HPPD sufferers face). It's pretty hard to get in touch with Dr. Abraham, as I'm sure many of you tried, (I tried myself when I first got HPPD and sent him countless emails through his website asking for help
  6. When I was very very young, (maybe about 5) I remember before I went to bed I would look up at the ceiling and see visual snow and would stare deeply into it and start to see colorful patterns. When I first got HPPD, the visual snow was terrifying because of it's intensity, but somewhat familiar. The visual noise only happened rarely at night but it was kind of like a game to me to see if I could manipulate the patterns on the ceiling. These patterns, of course, were extremely faint and I was not experiencing a full blown trip as a child. But yes, I have memory of visual snow and pattern pheno
  7. So glad to hear that people are interested in participating. If you don't wish to comment and you are interested, feel free to message me!
  8. Exciting news! I've reached out to Dr. Henry Abraham (for those of you who don't know him, he was the lead researcher of HPPD who also coined the term and put it in the DSM) and he would like to be a part of this documentary. I'm planning on interviewing him during the winter and will be taking a trip down to Florida. If anyone in the US is on the way (East coast between Virginia and Florida) I would love to stop by and capture video and interview if anyone is willing! (Reminder that all identities can be hidden to protect you). I am so excited that Dr. Abraham will be a part of this and can t
  9. Thank you so much! I'll message you with details!
  10. Jay, thank you so much for your interest and being willing to film yourself! That is a great start for the documentary and I really appreciate you responding. In terms of other types of interview, I'm also seeking out those who may be comfortable showing their face. The documentary really all depends on how many people are willing to share their story and the way in which they want to share it. One of the things that I'm best at is something called rotoscoping, which is tracing over each frame of a video so that it produces a realistic animation (this was the method in the music video Take on
  11. Hi! My name is Madison and I've had HPPD for 1 year now. It has improved incredibly with the right medications and changes in lifestyle, but I still suffer from it everyday. I am a documentarian and animator and want to accurately depict the struggles and stories of people who deal with HPPD. I think the best way to depict the lives of those who have HPPD is through the eyes of someone who has it as well, instead of someone who may or may not sympathize with those who have HPPD. My goal is to spread awareness through personal anecdotes, poems, visual representation through animation, interview
  12. To all people who have tried Keppra for a little while and had some negative effects: please try to stick with it! For the first two weeks I was extremely irritable, sleepy during the day and awake during the night. I was actually even a little bit aggressive, which is so out of character for me. The next month with Keppra the initial side effects seemed to go away, but my HPPD persisted. After being on Keppra for 2 1/2 months my HPPD is almost unnoticeable. I still have visual snow, but it’s just not as bothersome as it used to be. I think the worst side effects that I used to have with HPPD
  13. Hi Redrose, To me, this sounds like HPPD. I can relate to so much of what you are experiencing. Even when you mention the world moving as you chew, I’ve felt that countless times. About 5 months ago I was diagnosed with HPPD and I thought my life was over. I was studying abroad during college and had to be evacuated from the country because I couldn’t step outside of my room without having a panic attack. People looked like cartoon characters, objects moved in my peripheral vision, walls would pulse and breathe amongst many other terrifying symptoms. After about 2 months, the visual sympt
  14. Hi! I recently was diagnosed with HPPD and have been struggling with it for the past 4 months. The first month was really bad— ceiling fixtures spinning, walls breathing, sound synthesizing along with really bad DP/DR. This was also happening while I was studying abroad not knowing wtf was happening to me so I had to be evacuated and sent home. After being on Klonopin and Gabapentin for the past few months, my symptoms have improved greatly. Now my only visual symptoms are visual snow, tracers when it’s dark, and auras around objects and people. While these things still bother me, it’s nothing
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