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  1. Though my symptoms have been worsened greatly over past 2 years due to a horrid acute situational crisis. I'm hoping once I'm though it I will be able to focus on my healing once again and things may return back to a baseline.
  2. Fascinating stuff.. !! When I'm at home or not doing much it's like total engulfment visually which I feel can turn into panic / dp dr etc like it's too much to endure.. Generally visuals still present tho not as vivid when doing things that engage more of the senses like driving or working out etc. Though still generally vivid in most activities. Tho possibly not as much when more active and new environments.. hope it makes sense.
  3. Hello everyone. Just wondering, do hppd sufferers find that symptoms are worse when idle, home alone etc ? Or possibly Les intense when active or distracted i.e. driving or traveling etc ? Please share your thoughts or experiences. Thankyou.
  4. My MRI results showed one pupil larger.. freaky looking
  5. This is awesome Jay. I look forward to exploring the artists you have shared! Many are new to me. Thankyou !
  6. I'm very broad spectrum enjoy many.. More recently, Punk / various artists Gangster Rap Deep purple Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin Though much much more (just the tip of the ice berg) Please feel free to share as I would love to explore new tracks and artists. Thankyou!!
  7. Hehe freaky that is pretty awesome! Just got results back.. complety normal brain from MRI perspective.
  8. Absolutely sure I just returned from the doctor. The results of the MRI came back completely normal. Likley because hppd does not show in MRI though I guess he wanted to rule anything else out. Oh and he prescribed me some Klonopin. Thankyou Great Mystery. Hope everyone is well.
  9. Cool getting results in two days so will be interesting to see
  10. I was ordered by a neuro psyche as well as my GP for MRI of my brain. It was quite a trippy experience and also quite emotive. I have not received the official medical diagnostics yet, tho from what I can see it really spun me out and made me laugh out loud.. It looks like a creature living inside my brain.. Also one of my eyes is very dialated and the other is constructed. There also seems to be an object in the centre of my brain.. Anyhow will wait for a professional report... Though the images are pretty cool.. Hope you enjoy lol
  11. Me too . Very open to super natural, super nature Ok thankyou.
  12. Do you feel it's possible to be hexed by a witch ? Thanks
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