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  1. I have empathy for your situation. Me also, was dosed unknowingly after being up all night at a rave... Next day was still there. I have extremely hardcore vivid hppd... This happen 30 years ago, so 30 years in..
  2. Sydney. Likely St Vincent's. Will begin in July
  3. Hi Edd Good to hear from you, yes the study has recently been approved and will be taking place next month , July. I will be heading to Sydney from the Gold Coast to participate. in it. Please feel free to inbox me your number or a way to contact you..... so you can participate also. Look forward to being in contact soon!
  4. hello . cool thanks for sharing. to be honest shamans are located in various parts of the world. tho you want to find a real one. I have recently undergone a series of shamanic initiations, I can give you more info details via DM my other shamanic teacher passed over a while ago, though i often communicate with him in spirit as he works through me in non ordinary states. I dont touch any psychedelics although journey via a tequnice called "shamanic Breath work" that releases DMT naturally in the brain. Part of the intent is to journey to find solutions and healing naturally,
  5. this video should answer your question cheers (132) Hallucinogen persistent perception disorder - YouTube
  6. Hello HPPD Community. I hope you are all well. If you are Australian with HPPD we would love to hear from you to be involved in an in depth study to unravel HPPD taking place in Sydney Australia shortly. Please contact me via direct message as soon as possible so i can ask a few simple questions. You being involved in the HPPD study will help massively in discovering the mechanics behind HPPD and thus finding a cure. Please get in contact with me as soon as possible., Thankyou!! Best Regards
  7. Reaching out to all Australian based HPPDers. We are in the process of compiling a list of Australian-based patient's so we can get started with with hppd research as soon as possible. Please kindly fill in this form: https://forms.gle/f5fkbj7ir1ybrroP9 All information is strictly 100% confidential. The study will start with Australian participants and then planning to include the international community as soon as possible. Thankyou for your participation!
  8. Im happy to film it.. likely would be much better. will find the time to do so. cheers
  9. I just did mine via the platform with audio only Im not sure if it was loud enough Happy to do again if require better quality. possibly video would be better cheers
  10. Main trigger for me was LSD.. though at the time was doing a lot of Clubbing / Raves.. so likely MDMA was in the mix too. I have been naughty and done some other drugs post HPPD. Stupid choices when inhibitions were out the window.. though most defiantly will not touch any other substances now, and have maintained sobriety for many years.
  11. Over the past year I came dependant on Clonazepam I am in the process of tapering off lowering 0.25 / week. I will be through in likely 3 or so weeks time. Once I am clean / completely off it i may use it 2 days on 3 days off or just occasionally whenever really needed.
  12. Hi Ed.. It sounds good. I would be happy to share. I will do my best to contact you via email. Also feel free to drop me a massage here. Cheers.
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