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  1. I might have inquired about orphenadrine on this site around the year 2012. I had a similar experience as described above, although I stopped taking it merely after one pill. One pill was sufficient to notice a change in the baseline level of my hppd. My visuals were “enhanced “— or more noticeable, and as a result; my dp/dr increased. Thankfully this only lasted for a few weeks, as far as I remember. It was not the worst experience I’ve ever had with medications increasing my visuals, but personally, I would never take it again because there are other muscle relaxers that lack this
  2. I had no idea about the patch until I found it on myself. They never said. My surgery was also emergency gallbladder surgery so there really wasn't a lot of discussion prior. It all goes away though. I'll definitely request to never have that little patch again but I'll also never willingly undergo any surgery again. The drugs-opiates, zofran, phenergen, etc.. they all wear off. That's the good news. I've had HPPD baseline increases from far lesser things so I was concerned when it happened to me. In a perfect world doctors or surgeons would tell you everything, but in my experience
  3. I'm late in the game but for those who may experience similar at some point: Often when one goes into surgery something call a scopolamine patch (transdermal) is applied to the skin behind the ear. I had it for a surgery and though it was general anesthesia that made my HPPD way, way worse. It wasn't. I discovered this little patch a day and a half later ( I slept for nearly a day afterward). As soon as I found this little thing and removed it I got better. They're supposed to remove it I think. It prevents nausea from the anesthesia. If you touch it and touch your eyes, it will dila
  4. Thanks, Oliver. The article does prompt me to wonder what falls under the spectrum of "within normal range" for someone reading the results but not looking for HPPD or not knowledgeable about it. Mine (EEG) was done to look for seizure activity I had (through acute illness not chronic), though found not to be classic epilepsy. I do know I have HPPD but I've not been formerly diagnosed by Dr. Abraham and doubt I could get to see him in the near future. Is there anyone else reading who had normal EEG's? I thought this was common-place on the old forum but I could be wrong!
  5. Thanks for sharing that.
  6. Ghormeh, Yes! I just had an EEG about 2 months ago. It was to test for the presence of epilepsy which I don't have though I have had seizures during times of severe infection. That said, I couldn't believe the visuals it gave through the strobes with my eyes closed. Unbelievable. But I didn't mention HPPD...I thought about it, and went with my gut feeling that I would lose credibility for the initial reason I was there, and all of my other doctors would be informed( I'm in a very rural area right now and it seemed his speciality was classic epilepsy, stroke, etc. I could very well be
  7. HBB, Thanks for posting the link. I haven't researched Neuroplasticity but that is pretty cool.
  8. I can't help but chime in here... There was much posted on this on the old forum I think , but yes, it can go away. I have known people in my real life who had HPPD. And for most of them, their symptoms resolved with time. Some took as little as 3 months others as long as a few years. I'm talking about visual symptoms, but they all had anxiety due to HPPD and I didn't know about DP/DR but they had symptoms of as well in describing it to me (micropsia/macropsia). Some stopped doing drugs, some didn't. I never understood why I continued to have symptoms until I found the HPPD community and s
  9. I always thought it to be sort of a BS diagnosis, but today a doctor mentioned something that made me think more of it, in relation to HPPD. He said patients with fibromyalgia react far more strongly than others to far less medication. I've not really heard that before, but I found it interesting that many of us have body pains, head pressure, etc (something someone could call fibromyalgia) in addition to not tolerating medications very well. Could be random coincidence and I'm sure some of us tolerate medications just fine.
  10. I have not, but I believe a qEEG will show something if read by the right specialist, so I've never had one myself..
  11. Dylan, I know people who have taken a lot as well so there is hope. As much as you mention... I know if I'd have come on the forum all those years ago and got alarmed responses, I'd be petrified. So please don't be .. I got my HPPD in the 90's and I have seen all kinds of things happen with liquid lsd (accidentally ingesting more because it literally spilled out that way, etc...) I know someone with hppd who ate the paper from a book of it it as a kid not knowing what it was because his father sold it and had it around. Who knows how many any of that equals out to? And I'm sure you know f
  12. Glad to hear you have a good outlook; Keep it up. That is great, really. I think the best way to get by is to do just what you are..be as unaffected as possible and stay involved with life as much as possible. Nice to meet you, Boogres.
  13. Yeah, it decreased slowly over a five year time span from its onset (from mushrooms) to a barely noticeable baseline. It stayed that way, then worsened after the 5th year considerably with a bad reaction to a medication (Flagy-allergy) and stress. No one knows for sure why and I'll probably never pinpoint an exact value, either. I have always had DP/DR ever since I can recall, but it was markedly increased with the onset of HPPD. That too has waxed and waned over the years, with the peak being at the onset of the disorder and again after that 5 year mark. I'm wanting to avoid that again. Ar
  14. Thanks for the reply, Boogres. It calmed me a bit in believing mine might return as well. So glad to hear it did for you. As far as injuries, the radiologist who read my report wants me to have an MRI (possible stress fracture with additional bulging disk problems). This sounds dramatic, but I grew up in gymnastics and I continued on my own into adult-hood (uh, more like into about 5 months ago I could still tumble. Haha.) and I think it's finally caught up with me. I was seriously convinced it never had to. I have other health issues, but until recently was doing well despite that. I hav
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