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  1. I've been on Lamatrogine for about two weeks now and upped the dosage to 50 mg yesterday and since then it feels like my brainfog have reduced by about 80%, i haven't felt any head pressure for about 4-5 days and my derealization is starting to fade away. I can't know if this is because of the Lamatrogine or not, maybe it would've happened without it, but i think it is. Hopefully it can help clear up the vs and ghosting with time as well. I did have a setback a couple of days ago though when i was out walking, i got one of those "episodes" that lasts for about 1-2 hours were i almost feel
  2. Since you've had it for so long and it's severity i would try Keppra or Lamotrigine if i were you! Read the thread below! And i'm curious, which drug caused yours and what's you history with drugs?
  3. Interesting! If i wasn't on Lamatrogine i would have tried the niacide, but if i try it and get a rash i won't be able to know if it's because of the Lamatrogine or niacid.
  4. Ah okay! Thought about giving it another shot? If i've understod it right it can take some time before it kicks in. Yea, but i quess it's the brainfog and head pressure that makes me feel like that. I'm on day 5 with it now and no adverse effects or improvements so far. Glutamate must play a role, if not, i wonder how that 33 year old woman in a case report could have several of her symptoms go away and others decrease after going on it with HPPD that hadn't improved for 13 years. I also read about a member here that took lamotrigine and sertraline and was fully "cured" in 3-4 months
  5. God damn the world is unfair! You've used drugs that frequent and for that many years and gets it so mild, while i, who only have tried small amounts of weed at 4-5 ocations in my life got it severe with a vs at 5 (1-10), ghosting/double vision, extreme photophobia, halos, starbursts, flickering/vibrating, head pressure, brainfog and tinnitus. To put it short, a half blind vegetable. If you're one of the lucky ones that actually get decreased symptoms or fully heal i would never again touch a drug if i were you, not even alcohol or coffee. There's nothing worth risking your clear vision o
  6. In my case it's not from anxiety, it's been real low to none the last couple of days but all the symptoms are the same. The head pressure is literally driving me nuts! It feels like someone has pumped up a ballon in there. But i started Lamotrogine today, i really hope that it can give me some relief!
  7. Have anyones brainfog and head pressure subsided? Of all the symptoms these two are without a doubt the worse! If just this head pressure could subside and i could get my cogniton back (feel clear in my head/awake) i could learn to live with the rest, but these two completely cripples me and makes me feel like a vegetable.
  8. Thanks for your answer, i will take my first dose today! The most disturbing symptom for me is the brainfog; not having my normal condition and never feeling clear in my head or "awake", also the more or less constant pressure in my forehead. So i pray that Lamatrogine can remove these, the visuals i can learn to live with. Have you tried Lamatrogine?
  9. As the title says, it's been a little over five weeks since this hell started after trying a couple of hits of weed and i had the luck to already meet a doctor/psychiatrist that knew about HPPD and she gave me the diagnosis after hearing my symptoms. Anyways, she prescribed me the antiepileptic Lamotrogine since it's apparently has been shown to have a good effect on some in the litterature. So i wonder, has anyone here tried it and how did it help you? Also, do you believe that taking it in some way may impair my brains ability to heal this? In the litterature there's a few cases were people
  10. Really? What were your symptoms that subsided then? I'm glad that some of your symptoms have subsided! Which of them are gone? Oh i'm with you there! If i had known about HPPD i would NEVER have gone near weed. God i hope you're right! Do you know of anyone that's made a 100% recovery?
  11. Thanks mate, i really hope you're right, because this decreased cognition and shitty vision is driving me nuts! Besides Dr. Abraham i also read this: "A large portion of cases spontaneously resolve within a year. In some situations, the symptoms can persist for years and decades https://thedrugclassroom.com/video/hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-hppd/" So it would be wierd if it lasted more than a year for me since i've just tried cannabis at a few ocations in my life and never used any other drugs except alcohol 4-5 times a year. Thankfully the anxiety has impr
  12. If anyone know of one in sweden i would really appreciate it.
  13. Thanks for your reply, i've been of the benzos for three days now! I am however bound to continue with my Citalopram, i have tried to taper of them very slow a couple of times over the years (- 1 mg each month), but when i come down around 15 mg i haven't been able to handle it (anxiety, more migraines etc). I believe that since i started eating them when i was 18, before my brain was fully developed, it has grown dependant of them, i might be wrong though. So i hope that i can heal from this despite being on them, like Charlie above. I also read a case report were the HPPD patient got on Sert
  14. That's good to hear, do you remember how long it took? That's my "only" visual disturbances, or well, i'm sensitive to light as well, see halos around street lights and have a hard time looking at pc screens (flickers). The first week i did see a light move for a few seconds and an object "pulsating" as well, but no more since then thankfully. I've read some and it seems that those that get it from weed generally gets it milder and less visual hallucinations. Yea, there really is nothing worse than strong anxiety, hope yours gets better! I am however sure that the brain fog is
  15. That was calming to read, thank you! But what was your symptoms the first time? Did you have the brain fog, anxiety, blurry/visual snow and did they go away completely? I feel that the brain fog and anxiety is the worst atm, really cripples me. Yea, i will never go near weed or any other psychedelics again. Same with alcohol and caffeine, don't want to risk anything.
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