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19 minutes ago, Spartan said:

Been on for a year and a half 

6 mils approx 4 months 

I really need to get some help with supervised gradual taper. 



Have you seen a permanent decrease in symptoms with your high dosage?

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I don't know where you are based, but fuck that health care system. It's just such common knowledge that you cannot go from 6mg to zero that you may even have a legal case against them.

Hope you are getting the correct help in the hospital. 

Keep fighting, Jay

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Thankyou brother 

It's has been fucking absolutel torture. 

Like insane 

They are touring me like fuck knows what.. 

Having hppd is torture enough itself then this... 

I just tried to suffocate myself. 

It's total madness dekerium and have been having mini seizures and chucking my guts up. Shaking / hot cold etc etc DP beyond description.

Something needs to happen quickly. 


Thankyou again 🙏



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Thank you friend

I'm still in hospital they are holding me over with diazepam 10 milligrams usually every 5 hours or so as well as endone for the pain. 

Today which is the third day I'm likely feeling the worst.

Main symptoms are hot and cold shaking, psychotic hallucinations, insomnia, delirium, noisia panic etc and extremely heightened hppd and Dp etc my legs really hurt and my head really hurts. Confusion etc 

Anyhow I'm blessed to be living in Australia as they're taking very good care of me at this Hospital.

The team of doctors are doing their best to decide the plan of action of what to do next hopefully I will be discharged today.

Though it's been extremely frustrating as cannot get in touch with Professor McConnell who can salts from this hospital as he is currently on leave. If we were able to contact him like we would have this sorted in an instant. 

Anyhow will keep on keeping on! 

Doctors have expressed to me this morning that I cannot just stop taking Klonapin  abruptly. 

Will work on doing a medically supervised gradual taper to a lower dose that doesn't mess so much. 

Thank you for your care and empathy understanding and means a lot to me to have you checking up on me etc 

Many thanks again will keep on keeping on staying strong and will get through this. 

I hope you are well and have a great start to your week!!! 






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Man, sounds tough but i'm glad these guys are treating you well and seem to know what they are doing and building a plan of action. 

You are strong as steel, mate... better times are coming.

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Thanks man 

I was actually discharged after 4 days..

Doctors he was still in the dark and could not prescribe, they said they will refer me to a treating psychiatrist here @ the hospital tho that never happened.

Ended up going back to my GP for him to prescribe to get me through although he would not. I was quiet distressed / agitated / exhausted and therefore he called an ambulance.

Now I'm back up here again in hospital this is f****** insane.

The system is so broken what the f*** to do I cannot believe this.



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That's fucked up ... I can't even wrap my head around the situation. It's just outright negligence. 

I hope you are able to get some rest and tackle this again tomorrow. 


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