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  1. Great to meet you as well brother, and thank you for reading my greeting post and my reply to your post, and for replying... I'm very excited about this whole forum and site, after just recently recovering from being in severe pain and being very ill I am finding my mind working better then it has in some time now so I decided to disseminate as much information to as many people that will listen now so that I get some of it out of my head just in case my mind clutters and fogs up again... It's also awesome to see that David S. Kozin is the creator, thank you so much David, I hope you're doing
  2. I have many things to share with you about your post but I will start here with what stood out the most for me; which was the beginning of this seemingly simple and harmless statement. "I did not begin to manifest..." Manifesting is how one's consciousness directly creates one's reality from a result of your current beliefs; yes I am totally suggesting that you most likely created the HPPD symptoms from a result of the long duration of stress you experienced before you noticed the symptoms. You have to remember that energy flows where focus goes, meaning if you put your focus on negativity the
  3. Fear is not real, it is only a trick. And with a 1000% certainty I will say that from my personal experience with risperidone and a couple other psych meds combined with my intuition that the risperidone definitely needed to be stopped, as it can cause the symptoms you were having, and seroquel can cause them too. Also one of the most important details that helps a Dr determine between a diagnosis of HPPD and delusional psychosis is that people with HPPD are aware that what they are experiencing isn't real, which in turn can also exacerbate the symptoms of HPPD and possibly pushing one into a
  4. Everyone has floaters naturally all the time and you are just simply experiencing a heightened awareness of your current floaters, and don't get me wrong at all because it can be very frustrating and terribly distracting to have to deal with that all day. Also the more you focus on your "symptoms" and anxiety the worse they'll be. I think the best plan of action is to calm down and get out of the fear/anxiety loop and then consciously choose to find more positive and productive things to focus your attention on, remember that energy flows where focus goes. Also, YOU are the only ONE that is co
  5. First I want to thank you for your candid honesty, as this information makes all the difference in you receiving the best advice... Let me start with a little of my background before I jump into my advice/opinion, ok so I've been using cannabis medicinally practically everyday for over 20 years now, only taking a one year break while in prison, and my 1st HPPD "symptoms" started over 15 years ago... So for me personally the cannabis use has only ever helped my HPPD situation, but my intention with using cannabis was not and is not for getting "high" by any definition of the word. So my advice
  6. Also, in the clandestine families that control the production and distribution of pure LSD it is not at all uncommon that the cost of joining such a family is by the initiates doing what is called a "thumbprint," which is when the initiates lick their thumb and then place it directly into a pile of pure uncut crystalline LSD and then licking and/or sucking said covered thumb... Buy the ticket 🎟 take the ride... Fear is not real and is only a trick... And most importantly there is currently no such thing as a lethal dosage of pure LSD known for a human... A famous documented example is of a fed
  7. 1st of all I need to start this off by saying with 100% sincere honesty and with zero intentions of deceiving or bragging, as I am just sharing facts for educational purposes... I have been so lucky and privileged to have had multiple LSD experiences taking very large doses (and when I say very large, I mean between 5,000 and 7,500 micrograms) of some extremely pure LSD that came directly from a famous psychedelic chemist...
  8. Hey everyone, this is my 1st time visiting this site so I decided to introduce myself in hopes of finding anyone and everyone willing to talk with me about all things HPPD. I've been living with HPPD for over 15 years now with absolutely no access to any medical professionals who have even the slight understanding or actual knowledge of what I am going through, and worst of all they don't even know any truthful knowledge of hallucinogenic substances what so ever... Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to find others to listen to, to talk with, and most of all to exchange new a
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