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  1. Do you think benzos can improve hppd permanently?, or only while you take them?
  2. what you mean, is that you believe it wasn't the weed? And yes, after noticing the trails is when everything started. I've found a couple of reports in the forum about second hand smoking inducing a flare up
  3. After the incident and before seeing the trails. And I'm still feeling unusually down. Unfortunately, I also have new floaters.
  4. in my case the visuals actually had decreased a lot! the remaining hppd was "harmless", same as not having it. Until now of course, that I'm dealing with it again. How old are you? aren't you very anxious about your recent incident with the mushrooms?
  5. But I believe that thc can get into your system and mess with hppd, even if you don't feel a high? "So what happened was that u got the trails and then u started feeling anxious and had dp/dr?" Yes, probably that´s how it happened. I was just feeling unusually down before this, a strange feeling of being so down. I made the mistake of allowing a girl to smoke inside my room, I wasn't concerned about hppd at that moment. It was only after a couple of days that I noticed the trails and made the connection with this situation. Before this incident, I had considered myself recover
  6. Thank you! I didn´t get high. But a few days later, in normal daily activities, and without making any connection with this incident yet, I started to notice the trails again, heavily, especially every time I move my hands, to the point they are bothering me a lot! I'm 37 now, and not in my 20´s anymore like when I was able to make a successful recovery, that's scares me too!
  7. Hi I'm in panic at this moment, freaking out really bad. I was "cured" from hppd, for more than a decade and now I´m dealing with this again in full force due to second hand smoking. Please someone tell me this will not be permanent! It's been 2 weeks since this incident. i feel out of me, dp/dr, anxiety and the visuals came back, maybe even worse than before!! And now I'm not young anymore to recover. Need some support!!
  8. Also, why is that Ritalin makes HPPD worse for example? it is the dopaminergic effect or what? Could it be something similar with Amantadine?
  9. Thanks visual. I've been taking it for only one day. I can't cut to 50 mg because the pills come in capsules. Do you think that it could be a matter of getting used to it? It causes a really nasty anxiety, but I don't know if it is the anxiety that makes the visuals worse. Actually, this feels like a bad trip of LSD.
  10. I'm taking Amantadine for another issues (It's a dopamine agonist). I took the first pill (100mg) and it causes some pretty nasty panic attacks and DP/DR, It makes me feel like I'm on another planet, it's very hard to explainan, but that feeling really sucks. And I believe that my trails are much worse at this moment, But I don't know if it is psychological or if they are actually getting worse . This is not supposed to happen with a dopamine agonist I believe. Does anyone know if I'm risking making HPPD permanently worse with this drug? I don't know if I should continue taking it. But I don'
  11. Thank guys 415 STYLEE, Great to know how you are dealing with this problem! very useful information, thanks. Concerta is the same as Ritalin (They are both Methylphenidate), which is even reported to cause HPPD by its own. So basically, you say that it must be mixed with Keppa to avoid any damage. That's pretty interesting. Maybe I'll try that combo, I tried Wellbutrin, but had to stop it after 5 days, because it made me break out with cystic acne. It didn't affected my visuals, it just made me very anxious.
  12. I read someone saying that most people with HPPD have ADHD. The thing is that the medications used to treat ADHD, will probably make HPPD permanently worse. Ritalin for expample, it's supossed to be a NO NO for hppd. I would like to read other's experiences. I've avoided medications, because of the risk of making HPPD worse. But ADHD is affecting my life.
  13. I have that problem, it really sucks. I feel so cognitively bad. I feel out of my body watching myself talking and that drives me crazy. I just want to come back to the real world. It's like I really need a bucket of water to my face.
  14. I have some problems reading black on white. I see patterns. And white on black, I don't remember at this moment but I always have visuals in the computer screen.
  15. I find so frustrating the fact that we don't get the proper attention and we will probably die with this and the next generations are going to say "Imagine those poor guys from the past that had to live with this for for ever" and they are going to laugh. I think we still live in primitive times. And I'm not only talking about HPPD . Little is known about anything. I would've loved to be born in the future, this are not my times definitely.
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