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  1. Hey guys! I developed hppd about 8 months ago and and began to see growth and change in around May, I just found out that I’m pregnant and now I’m experiencing lots of visual snow, night terrors and depersonalization. Has anyone experienced this? I assume it’s because my hormones are intensifying of course but it’s really awful and I’m only around 4 weeks so I’m worried they will worsen.
  2. I’m a 19 year old female who was laced by what I believe was lsd. I had an extremely bad trip that left me on the psych floor for 3 days. After I was released I was just fine at first, then I started to get experience extreme anxiety, depersonalization, derealization & disassociation. I was then placed on risperidone. Unfortunately at the time me nor my doctors knew that this would worsen my symptoms. A month later almost exactly, I was overwhelmed one day I just began to sob I couldn’t live like that I just wanted my old life back, I knew the risperidone wasn’t good for me so I then took
  3. Respiradone is a know trigger for hppd, many psychiatrist don’t know this so they prescribe it for the racing thoughts, I’m currently struggling with a terrible case or hppd and I spend a lot of time googling and searching because my doctors are just prescribing me things. I’m currently taking seroquel and lexapro, ssri’s also can trigger you or they can help you it just depends on the case. I would suggest trying it and if you see a negative result stop it immediately. But stay away from respiradone & hydros I’ve had terrible issues from them both
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