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  1. Hey! @moonstone I’ve just joined this forum and have too realised it’s pretty quiet (i’m guessing mainly because of the disorder being so rare). It’s super interesting reading your experience especially with visuals and how it’s affecting you. I’m only 18 years old and have only touched LSD twice and have now been suffering with HPPD for over 3 months. I definitely relate to how you’re feeling especially with the hopelessness of recovery and that it’ll never go away. If you want to talk more please message me! It’d be nice to chat to someone who’s shared a similar experience at a
  2. Hi Everyone! It's very rare for me to use online forums however due to this disorder being so rare I thought it'd be the best way to meet new people who have experienced similar things. My name is Neve, I am 18 years old and currently a University student in England. I've never been that adventurous with drugs and up until university I had only ever touched weed, even then it only being a round 5 times (first time being 15 years old). When I started university, naturally, I became more exposed to drugs and tried LSD for the first time and again a week later. Both trips I really enjo
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