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Should I try psychedelics?


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Okay, guys. No jokes. DP/DR from weed. Dyscfunctonail family. Panic attacks. PTSD. Not afraid of anything anymore. Thinking about trying LSD or mushrooms. Should I do that? The reason why I'm asking is because that could be my last resort.

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You need to give us more info on why this would be your last resort. It's unfair putting the burden of such a decision on forum members... You seem to be hinting at "lsd or kill myself" we would then have to say lsd. But there are near infinite options between.

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You've provided one sentence worth of information, so it is very hard to say.

Speak to a proper doctor, try a higher dose of klono, try other meds, try a talking to psychiatrist, try joining an anxiety group, try mindfulness and meditation, get outdoors,  exercise, eat well, cut out caffeine, cut out alcohol, try all the other options that are available for anxiety.

LSD is about the last on the list to try. 

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Have you tried antidepressants?  I have had a great deal of success on SSRIs.  In general, there is no one size fits all remedy for improving mental health.  Yes, psychedelics can be useful in the right setting, right dose, right person but there are risks. HPPD being one of them.  I have to echo Jay's sentiments and add that for me, being honest with the doctor, staying sober and living the most healthy existence I can has lead to stability. I tell everyone the same thing which worked for me 

  1. Exercise as much as you can, even if your symptoms get worse. 

  2. Eat healthy and balanced meals. 

  3. Sleep as much as possible.

  4. Limit caffeine intake. 

  5. Stop all drugs including alcohol and especially weed (at least until things get better) 

  6. Try not worry, stay busy to distract your mind with things such as work/school, hobbies and exercise. 

  7. Learn to meditate and if you are open to it, ask God to help you.  You don't even have to believe in anything, I did not and it helped me. 

With the addition of SSRIs, this combo has enabled me to weather some difficult storms in my life.  Psychedelics have helped in the past (for me) but once HPPD set in they tended to only make matters worse.  The fact that you developed DR/DP from weed is a red flag that you may be sensitive to psychedelics.  

Hang in there, we're here for you.  

Take Care,


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hey, everyone. nah, I didn't have guts to try LSD. Back in my younger days I did try some "mild" psychedelics, though. Like mdma or salvia. And, honestly speaking, that's where the history of my mental illness began - I developed hardcore anxiety disorder after one of my experiences with mdma over 10 years ago. 

these days I take microdoses of Amanita (0,5 - 1 gram daily), which helps me relax and sleep. the important thing is, I'm not tripping on it. a very low dose like that feels like a natural benzo-like buzz, without any truly mind altering effects.

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