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  1. hey, everyone. nah, I didn't have guts to try LSD. Back in my younger days I did try some "mild" psychedelics, though. Like mdma or salvia. And, honestly speaking, that's where the history of my mental illness began - I developed hardcore anxiety disorder after one of my experiences with mdma over 10 years ago. these days I take microdoses of Amanita (0,5 - 1 gram daily), which helps me relax and sleep. the important thing is, I'm not tripping on it. a very low dose like that feels like a natural benzo-like buzz, without any truly mind altering effects.
  2. Yes, pregabalin and gabapentin are the only meds that help to a certain degree.
  3. Thanks a lot. From what I've read, however, SSRI's can easily make things worse (especially, anxiety). I don't want to rely on benzos too much since they have a serious addictive potential.
  4. I'm suffering from horrible anxiety all the time. Neither benzos nor antipsychotics help. I need help.
  5. Okay, guys. No jokes. DP/DR from weed. Dyscfunctonail family. Panic attacks. PTSD. Not afraid of anything anymore. Thinking about trying LSD or mushrooms. Should I do that? The reason why I'm asking is because that could be my last resort.
  6. Hey, guys. I actually posted my story some years ago. Here's the link: My story is actually pretty sad. Just to tell you briefly: 1. My HPPD was caused by cannabis use nearly three years ago. 2. Since then I've tried a big number of medicines (including depakote, benzos, truxal, quetiapine, pregabalin, gabapentin, phenibut) trying to cope with my symptoms. And even though, most of the meds did help to mitigate some of the symptoms at some certain times to some extent, in general, the things didn't get any better. 3. Got drunk many, many times (which, I know, was st
  7. I just wonder if any of you guys suffering from HPPD ever experienced disturbing physical (or let's say psychosomatic) symptoms like an increase in blood pressure, especially while having a panic attack or dp/dr? Personally I started to have this like a year ago, i. e. back when my whole HPPD story actually began. And now I take some psychiatric medications with sedative effect to deal with that. I just hope that the psychogenic hypertension will go away as soon as my HPPD is over completely..
  8. Hey there. I was wondering if any of you guys ever tried valproate or depakote for treatment of HPPD, as well, as dp/dr? If yes, how did it work for you? I actually used to take valproate for treating my anxiety and bipolar issues, which kinda did work, in a certain way. And I heard that anticonvulsants actually have demonstrated efficiancy in treating some patients with HPPD. So what do you think?
  9. What about panic attacks? Can they be somehow related to dp/dr?
  10. Hey there, everyone. I'm a bit confused so I'd really like to hear your opinions about my case.. In April, 2018 I smoked a joint. I smoked just a little bit, not even the whole joint, but apparently the sort of weed was quite strong - the strongest one I have ever smoked in my life. Immediately my mind turned into a very dream-like state full of weird and scary images and I even couldn't help but got some long lasting visuals (that seemed more like surreal strange movies taking place right in my head) each time I closed my eyes while lying on the bed, which I know may sound like I actually too
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