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  1. I just wonder if any of you guys suffering from HPPD ever experienced disturbing physical (or let's say psychosomatic) symptoms like an increase in blood pressure, especially while having a panic attack or dp/dr? Personally I started to have this like a year ago, i. e. back when my whole HPPD story actually began. And now I take some psychiatric medications with sedative effect to deal with that. I just hope that the psychogenic hypertension will go away as soon as my HPPD is over completely..
  2. Hey there. I was wondering if any of you guys ever tried valproate or depakote for treatment of HPPD, as well, as dp/dr? If yes, how did it work for you? I actually used to take valproate for treating my anxiety and bipolar issues, which kinda did work, in a certain way. And I heard that anticonvulsants actually have demonstrated efficiancy in treating some patients with HPPD. So what do you think?
  3. What about panic attacks? Can they be somehow related to dp/dr?
  4. Hey there, everyone. I'm a bit confused so I'd really like to hear your opinions about my case.. In April, 2018 I smoked a joint. I smoked just a little bit, not even the whole joint, but apparently the sort of weed was quite strong - the strongest one I have ever smoked in my life. Immediately my mind turned into a very dream-like state full of weird and scary images and I even couldn't help but got some long lasting visuals (that seemed more like surreal strange movies taking place right in my head) each time I closed my eyes while lying on the bed, which I know may sound like I actually too
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