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  1. Afaik taurine is not an upper and is used in conjunction with caffeine to make it smoother because it provides inhibitory action. That doesn’t negate your bad reaction—ppl with hppd can react all sorts of funny ways.
  2. In the world of hppd, I think almost anything is possible symptoms wise hahah. I mean, if someone had just a few visual symptoms, would they even find there way here like you? Usually people come here because they are freaking the fuck out. I know I didn’t come here when my symptoms were primarily just visual weird things. I hadn’t even heard of hppd until about two years into really having it bad. what you see and how you notice things is a very interesting science. I didn’t realize I wasn’t seeing colors saturated properly until I took NSI-189. But I didn’t know... until I knew. Co
  3. Hydrocodone, even 7 years after hppd onset, causes me to become INSANELY anxious about a week after use. I cannot fathom why.
  4. Don’t worry about it I’ve had some similar times in my life where I was hair trigger. Plus withdrawals are hard! so sorry to hear about your dog Super happy you can go at your own pace!
  5. I have a lot of that kind of yo-yo-ing. couldn’t tell you why
  6. Based off your reaction I would advise you do not take any more. most people with hppd do not respond well to antipsychotics. They often effect dopamine (maybe positive) but also they interact with the 5ht2a receptor. I am sure this is very intense feeling. You are going to get better with time and total drug abstinence. Do this for a few years (I know it must seem like a long time but it is not). you are lucky— you are young and the brain can heal at your age very quickly compared to when you are older. the only drugs I can think to recommend very early
  7. Few days ago I relapsed hard into depression and chronic fatigue. Hard to feel the feels I described earlier. It feels like it’s been reduced but it’s complicated. I ended a 3.5 year relationship last week so it really makes it impossible for me to accurately continue to update this thread. If I didn’t feel awful from this, I would truly be crazy. Nevertheless, I can’t attribute my emotions to things one way or the other so I will be stopping my updates for the time being.
  8. Methylation is very complex and insanely hard to navigate. Just taking methyl b12 can cause other vitamins and minerals to tank—notably methyl folate and potassium. it also can increase neurotransmitters in the brain. in my stack, I must take methyl-b12 to keep the whole thing running. By itself though, it’s bad for me.
  9. I apologize if my words were blunt or contained information you already understand. I would scour the internet/google scholar (use the advanced search functions!) for any literature you can provide your doctor to support your claim for a slow taper. Ime, doctors are much more receptive to scientific literature than their patients. this might help. I just scammed a few sections in one part but they mention the Ashton protocol and even just going to a medical doctor instead and explaining what is going on, as this really needs to be treated more as medical issue than a psyc
  10. I consider this post to be very outdated now, both by my reactions to things and also just the website I was using wasn’t great. I now use self decode for my genetics. most importantly, for my methylation I now follow This protocol by Freddd... it is not for the lighthearted and I haven’t made it fully through it but still I have had enormous benefit from it. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnx1bHRyYXdlbGxuZXNzcHJvamVjdHxneDo3ODUwNWMwODUyODZjMmM0
  11. No problem bud. If you can, yes. Especially if you’ve drank and noticed it effects you differently from before. Many report that alcohol makes their hppd worse, albeit temporarily for most. Alcohol kinda has a very dirty chemical moa. I can’t think of any brain disorder where it’s recommended. Hell there isn’t even a safe daily amount set by the government anymore. there is some beliefs here on this website that hppd involves some measure of brain injury as a component (scary word but such a common injury). If looking at it this way, one would deff want to avoid
  12. I’ve gone through fast tapers. I don’t recommend it... it’s much better to make a liquid solution and taper so slowly you don’t notice. It’s the easiest on your brain too. my friend did 7 years maxing out at your dose. He went too fast. this isn’t meant to make you anxious, just IMO, you will be in withdrawal for 1-2 years. You can either taper so slow you barely notice, or you can go fast and be in hard withdrawals for 1-2 years. The time will still be the same; the only difference is how much you suffer during that period. I don’t outright say this often but you
  13. Tried it and didn’t notice anything like this! It’s very sedating though for me haha. Gave me some not unpleasant head pressure? Made me need some b12 badddd though for some reason.
  14. Glad to hear you’re being proactive. Keep us updated at the very least it’s nice to have a record of your reaction to come back to in the future if you need it.
  15. Abstinence is the only known thing that can help with time for certain. After a period (its months to years) some leave this “sensitized state” I call the acute phase of hppd. They then either recover or enter the chronic phase. even if you feel “normal” after a period of time, you can still be in the sensitization state and a psych can throw you back in 10x worse than the time before. A mistake I’ve made in the past is thinking in past this stage when I am really not. It’s really quite fascinating in the exponential quality of the increasing intensity of it. even if you
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