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  1. Lots antisesure, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, antidepressants, add stimulants horrible side effects. Clamazipam helps. Acceptance is the answer. I wish u the best. Aloha
  2. Started lsd at age of 13 .no parental supervision from this point on.my love for psychedelics exploded.i got into mda,mdma,mushrooms, mescaline the real stuff, peyote, pcp,I shot,snorted, ingested & lsd eyedropper. I'm not glamorizing the toxic sick behavior. I grew up like a wild animal. What a waste of life. I began selling lsd& got busted in 1979 ,went to prison & put on terrorist watch list. My point is I never took psychedelics afterward. Have had hppd for 50 years. I'm 64 now. I still get harassment by feds. If it's not late don't ruin the rest of ur life. Ur br
  3. Had one good experience with psychotherapy, psychiatrists were nightmare, side effects from the drugs were awful. Can't take psychotropic at all.clamazipam is the only one that helped.medicall professionals know nothing about this . We have to accept this .save other people Aloha
  4. I get this is a horrible thing we've done to ourselves. My experience is it never ends.it gets different. After 50 years it never stops actually it's getting worse. The brain damage is real.i feel tortured .thank for ur share. It's empowering to know I'm not alone the only people that understand are people that have it & psych wards. We must accept it stay outside from sun up to sun down enjoy ur psychedelic enhancement. Medications have been a disaster have been a disaster. Except clamaziipam. Maui is psychedelic wonderland aloha
  5. U only have 1 brain lsd will change it forever if u have to try psychedelics try something else u could be tortured the rest of ur life. Aloha
  6. Had hppd for 50 years am clean & sober now more detoxed I'm the more prolific hppd a living nightmare many psych wards other attempts I don't want mention the best advice they gave me was meditate get a dog listen to music unfortunately the psych wards know the most about hppd I wish u all the best
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