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  1. GABAergic signaling linked to autophagy enhances host protection against intracellular bacterial infections well this is kinda cooool
  2. I read about a woman, I think on here, who had her hppd go away after giving birth. I think that becoming pregnant signals many things to the body— one of which is it’s time to clean things up. Become as strong as possible. If you are cleaning up bad pathogens and cells, it’s possible that is effecting your hppd because doing requires the immune system. Hppd may not be immune related, but having inflammatory reactions (not uncommon in pregnancy) can cause all sorts of emotional symptoms. im sorry to hear you are not feeling well best of luck and much love.
  3. This is a symptom of mold and candida overgrowth. I’m only sharing because I’m going through it now. If you have hppd it may make you sensitive to these two things. Or vice versa. Idk. All I know is my mold tox and candida are making my hppd worse or they helped create an environmental condition around me and in my body that helped cause the hppd. we are full of toxic chemicals. It sucks. But that’s capitalism.
  4. Hppd or not getting healthy is always the way to go!
  5. The last time I accrued hppd my biome test mentioned the word “war zone” about my gut. Viral loads. Fungi. Mold. Inability to process proteins correctly. They suggested 200 different lifestyle and supplements. I am going to do it again and expect it to be different. I think it is easy to do a drug, while something simultaneously happens that causes a neurological event, perhaps helped to be spurned on by the drug, but also perhaps not at all. Then, the brain, damaged and disordered from the event, cannot tolerate any drug now. You try a drug again, and it makes you worse, you assu
  6. Tried it. Crappy med. makes it easier to have seizures
  7. C60 fullerene permanently made me negative reactions to drugs that increase inflammation lessened. Was a very interesting experience. Cleaned me out for sure haha. it may have also deactivated EBV in me. At least in the lab it has been shown to allow it to go lytic from latent. but then, since almost everyone has EBV, you’d think those taking c60 would always get it? I was also being exposed to mold at the time. And a high level of strenuous exercise. /shrug. very cool read man
  8. Hppd made me gain weight. This doesn’t seem to happen to everyone but some people gain weight. It could be stress eating for some but wasn’t for me. when I first got hppd I lost a lot of vocabulary and I would stop talking mid sentence. It was like I couldn’t find the words. I knew what I wanted to say meaning wise, but it was as if I had lost language. I had a huge amount of anxiety about people thinking I was weird or whatever. Most people didn’t even notice. and lastly—- these things went away. I don’t have pausing issues with speech and the weight went away. G
  9. virus’s are super interesting to me. They’re these things—dead? Alive?— that can enter a host and tell their cells to do… well anything. Even making zombies. If you took all the virus’s on the planet, and put them in a block, it would completely encompass the Eiffel Tower. There are so many virus’s on this planet we’ve never identified. But what happens when a virus inters your brain? Could hppd be caused by our bodies pruning infected cells? 1) hallucinogens are powerful immune suppressing substances 2) all of us have dormant virus’s 3) some virus’s aren’t noticeable
  10. unfortunately i dont think you will be able to know whether this was covid or the psuedo. I mean people get covid and complain of a lot of the same things ppl with hppd do.
  11. I found freddds protocol to work for me for quite some time. That is until I got the covid shot. Now my nutritional needs have shifted quite a large bit. Very strange.
  12. It made me sleepy at first but now it causes quite severe insomnia with very small doses. Dont know why haha
  13. I would like that too. I’m very distrustful of these scientific studies sometimes in that they are trying to prove something. So yea they may show x y or a but did they decide to include the debilitating withdrawal the person went through? Or that “hey visuals permanently reduced—but they now have worse anxiety. Let’s not include that part”. 2 is a lot better though gotta say. Wonder what the improvement timeline is. Thing is too—there are 100 percent people who have gotten hppd and have been put on 2mg of klonopin off the bat. Hell my doctor gave me one mg no questions asked back
  14. “ In these five patients with positive respond, four of them were given therapy based on LEV, which may indicate LEV as a preferential choice for patients with DEPDC5 variants. Considering the fact that the loss-of-function variants in DEPDC5 will lead to over-activation of the mTOR pathway, the mTOR inhibitor, such as sirolimus or everolimus, may be a complementary treatment for DEDPC5related epilepsy.” https://aepi.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s42494-020-0011-9
  15. That’s wonderful!! bso makes me worse but for other it very well might make them better. It didn’t hurt me permanently. it’s a pretty complicated mechanism since it has many different chemicals in it. One of which is alterations in apoptosis and autophagy. it interacts with ampk/mtor, p13k/akt.
  16. Absolutely. As someone who has been through benzo withdrawal and never felt quite the same I would say caution is important haha. I also worry that the withdrawn brain is more primed for withdrawals in the future via kindling. This has been my experience at least. Still, it’s a tempting offer isn’t it. Take 6mg of klonopin a day for 2 months and reduce your hppd?... ...can I do it on a beach too somewhere ?
  17. So I have a theory on hppd that involves hyperactivity (of dysregulation) of mtorc1 and mtorc2. One of the things that happens in this scenario, is gaba a receptors... well the easiest way to describe it is they go bad hide. This is part of a cyclic loop that causes this brain state that is excitatory and cannot heal itself. I think there is some merit to the idea that a high dose of benzodiazepine for a short period may help. But it seems that it’s important it be clonazepam. Clonazepam is a pretty unique benzo. It also acts on serotonin systems seemingly without causing panic in pe
  18. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12031-020-01611-x
  19. https://www.google.com/search?q=amiltryptyline+mtor&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS931US931&oq=amiltryptyline+mtor&aqs=chrome..69i57.7449j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4317004/
  20. speaking of which: https://www.pnas.org/content/118/5/e2020705118 this really falls in line with your thoughts as a possible etiology. Having hyper activated mTorc1 basically can cause everything you’re saying and more.
  21. Hello everyone! The following is a bunch of research on how, through the modulating of mTOR, we could arrive at our present situation. my apologies for the lackluster organization. its a lot. First off LSD has JUST been shown to increase mTORC1: "Social behavior (SB) is a fundamental hallmark of human interaction. Repeated administration of low doses of the 5-HT2A agonist lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in mice enhances SB by potentiating 5-HT2A and AMPA receptor neurotransmission in the mPFC via an increasing phosphorylation of the
  22. its very pro usage. Unfortunately a lot of what i come across in new psych research is all pro even when it has GLARING implications for this and other diseases
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