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HPPD from Mirtazapine


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Hi all,


I developed HPPD symptoms (visual snow, afterimages, trailing, light sensitivity ect) three weeks after starting mirtazapine. I immediately began a taper of 7.5 for two weeks and 3.75 for a week before finally jumping off. When I did my visual problems got worse! I went back on, but want to get off as after I take it I get strobe lights in my closed eyes for a few hours after.


Anyone have any experience with this or know my chances of it going away if I stop?




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I've been on it for a month or so after my anxiety went totally out of control...

My anxiety has since gone down but my dpdr and visuals are slightly higher. Trying to determine if the pros outweigh the cons. The cons are currently manageable, so will try another month.

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I went on it after a year of not noticing HPPD symptoms (still there but I didn't focus on them) and suddenly I got halos, after images and it was harder to see at night. I would definitely say that mirtazipine was the culprit. So yeah I've definitely had a similar experience. My hppd was first caused by Shrooms however. 

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