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  1. Hi, I'm new here, I had lsd and molly just one time in june, and since then I've had some really nightmarish time. After the trip I didn't sleep for few nights. I had strong afterglow - just saw meaning and love in everything. Nights I was totally tripping. I felt like I was being shrunk to infinitely small size. When I woke from that I freaked out and went to emergency hospital. I had olanzapine and diapam for few nights and was better for couple weeks after that. Then I started feeling this allencompassing love again. I felt like there was a spirit next to my bed and felt it come inside
  2. Hi AlphaBeta, What happened to your insomnia? I have been suffering of poor sleep since my symptoms started in june. I'm on olanzapine and take zopiclone for sleeping. I cannot sleep without zopiclone, but I'm afraid to become resistant, so I just take it about every second day and stay awake every second... Ville
  3. Hi, I had low dose of mirtazapine for sleeping and it made my symptoms worse. I haven't used since. Ville
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