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What meds help brain fog/bad working memory/concentration?


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Hello forum. I've had hppd now for about 2 years. I have had my fair share of this condition. It started from lsd and MDMA. So far, I can live with the crazy visuals. I've grown used to them. But what makes me really disabled is the brain fog/bad working memory or inability to concentrate. I can't sometimes do basic math, it's that bad. I also have constant annoying head pressure that feels like something is squeezing my head. This all pretty much started since using psychedelics. 


My symptoms: 

1) Visuals (visual snow, afterimages, CEV etc)

2) Anxiety (social anxiety, OCD, generalized anxiety)

3) Depression (everything is so dark and uncolorful, like there is no life to colors anymore)

4) Fatigue (low energy)

5) Brain fog, no working memory, hyperactivity, maybe ADHD, and a head pressure that feels weird and is very distracting.

6) Tinnitus, sometimes hyperacusis, which means noise might give me ear pain.


My most frustrating and debilitating symptom is the brain fog/ADHD type thing. It makes me unable to have a normal job, I'm working weird type jobs because I can't function as a normal human being with my constant confusion and foggyness.


I'm determined to try a medication or a combo of meds to help specifically that symptom. Has anyone found what could help? I'd greatly appreciate that. 

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Hey bro, exact same symptoms here since 5 years.


Our good friend @brendan  posted this in another thread :

i found brain fog and general fatigue the symptoms most manageable with supplements.  Start with n acetyl cysteine.  Buy the powder, take a gram and work up to 5g to see if it does anything.  If it does then you can go down to a lower maintenance dose.  Also methylated b vits.  I take these Optimum Vitamin B Complex - Phoenix Nutrition sometimes bumped up with additional methyl folate, like if i drink a lot of alcohol Methyl Folate Tablets - Phoenix Nutrition. Use methyl b in case you have mthfr issues which is quite likely.  You will likely get further benefit from 5000iu vit d3 supplement and other amino acids (personally i take about a gram of nac with about 4g arginine and about 10g or less essential amino acids in the morning, too much eaa makes me drowsy probably due to tryptophan).  Hope this helps.



I will try that too, we can share our experiences here

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Imo you need drugs that decrease glial activation. 

There is a theory from several here that microglia/astrocyte activation causes persistent glutamate release. 

lamictal is the best and least risky one. But there are many others. 

Mast cell stabilizers:

• over activation of mast cells leads to dysregulated histamine release which activates glia/astrocyte which activates glutamate 



mast cell stabilizer and h1 antagonist. 

you can buy this on https://www.americanresearchlab.net/product/ketotifen-fumarate-1mg-per-ml-x-30-ml/


I have had success with quetiapine and some others have too but others have had bad reactions. No idea why but the drug has other moas. The drug also antagonizes h1 receptors which stabilizes mast cells. 

h2 antagonists:

otc drugs such as famotidine and cimetidine. Be wary— h2 antagonists boost immune function— th1 and th2 dominance. This can be bad in the long term for some with autoimmune issues

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