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  1. Seems other types of mag don’t increase mag in brain or cns. This one does. I’ve got some just arrived will check in later on with observations. Meanwhile here is a paste from a longecity user: I took 2 grams daily =144mg of elemental magnesiumEventually upped that too 2g bi-dailyThere is a memantine like "brain fog" NMDA induction period for around a week it's like um....."memantine light" in the dis associative effects for the first week or so I noticed a variety of nootropic effectsClearer vision was noted almost immediately upon my first 1gram dose This has always continued albeit le
  2. Does anyone have any success simply increasing general gaba? Good for head pressure? Here is a paste from longecity: Picamilon is gaba tied to a vitamin which crosses the BBB and agonises both GABAA and GABAB, its effects are mild, it anecdotially induces some nootropic type effects. Phenelzine, a MAOI that has a metabolite which induces reuptake of GABA, supposedly makes it a superior MAOI and highly effective for SA, as it also acts on all other implicated neurotransmitters. GABOB, also agonises both gaba receptors, is a mild anticonvulsant. Tiagabine, a gaba reuptake inh
  3. on dopamine, I didn't get any noticeable effect from tyrosine, but did from arginine (plus pine bark extract which synergises), tho can't be sure it is a dopamine effect, but kind of feels like what I would expect dopamine to feel like, albeit mild.
  4. ive now ordered some pine bark extract that is meant to increase nitric oxide so meant to synergise with arginine, lets see what happens.
  5. ive got some second thoughts on arginine. I didnt give it a proper chance before. So i thought i would give it a go again after all this time. I took it and felt drowsy so next day took at night but in morning felt good, fairly clear and energised. This drowsy response went after a couple of days so now take in morning and night. It seems to give me more focus and general stamina, like i don't feel like going for a nap when i get home from work, and feel enough motivation to do things like tidy up a bit.
  6. surely we can find 10 people on here willing to do this?!
  7. my dizziness sounds like joselillo's. Sort of like a wobbling inside the head rather than the spinning like with inner ear problems. I have found much to help with anxiety and fatigue but nothing has helped with dizziness, head pressure, or visuals. Not tried many meds, mainly just supps.
  8. https://www.onnit.com/academy/the-carnivore-diet/ http://meatheals.com/ seems like the benefits of keto but supercharged, eliminates inflammatory toxins found in plants, apparently lack of vit c and fibre not a problem.
  9. ive started using the glasses off app to apparently increase contrast sensitivity and brain processing speed. I think i do feel a bit quicker in the head and my stats are improving on the app for what they are worth. No change to hppd tho.
  10. bit of a stab in the dark here, but if visual disinhibition is overloading the processing capacity of the aware brain, in an analogous way to having a pre-amp that is too big for the main amp causing distortion, then could there be exercises that increase the brain's visual processing? So analagous to increasing the main amp size so the pre amp doesn't cause distortion. It reminds me of the jason bourne film where he has amnesia but is super aware of everything going on around him due to his special forces training. I wonder if we could do something similar to improve our visual awareness so
  11. i would think it more likely that a preexisting autoimmune would be a predisposing factor rather than hppd causing an ai response. However ai can occur after stress so maybe a trip could count as a trigger stress to an ai response and cause hppd or at least create some of its symptoms.
  12. interesting. I had brain fog before i touched drugs, maybe auto immune. Prompted by this thread, I went and had some blood tests for common and easy to test autoimmunes, which doesn't include cerebral ai. They all came back negative which i expected. However, my neutrophils were a bit low, which could indicate some sort of chronic infection or ai. I have a neuro appointment in september so will see if they can test for any cerebral ai.
  13. as you are on a peptide roll, have you thought about selank?
  14. i like your reports on the 'fake medicines', it's useful to have the regular updates.
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