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No fap as experimental treatment(works for me)

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Hey guys so basically most of my hppd symptoms are gone the only thing i'm left fighting is visual snow(which isn't much of a fight).However i noticed that the only thing which reduced it by at least 50 percent is no fap.If i do please myself the rest of the day it's like i'm in a weird headspace and there is visual snow everywhere. However if i abstain things go back to normal and it becomes much harder to see. Also the brain fog becomes lifted. I will report back on this after a while maybe because the activity raises serotonin and dopamine that reduces the already scarce receptors and static occurs. At any rate i think at least a month of reset time would be good to see if there are permanent changes to visual snow. Also a few guys said that it helped with his hppd symptoms.I do realize this is a controversial topic, as i have also been fighting a porn addiction myself.However it's important to recogniza that this simple life change (for a while at least) could help people.






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Hey there!!


i can confirm that when I was earlier in my recovery that I had to do no fap to feel well enough to be functional. If I masturbated I would feel bad for about a week before things got better again. In fact I had to abstain from orgasm during sex as well. I don’t think it had anything to do with porn or the method of orgasm and more to do with hormones and hypothalamic activity. 

I’ve had a feeling for a while that many of us have issues concerning the hypothalamus. Many of us share symptoms that point to uniquely and severely messed up circadian rhythms. 

i unfortunately saw no changes in visual snow from no fap. I think the longest I went was 40 days or so. I think that visual snow does not share the same etiology or brain region activity as the rest of the symptoms of hppd. I don’t consider myself to have active hppd anymore after 6 years (although it can re trigger and has recently for three days from flexeril) and I still have visual snow. It’s just a persistent part of life now. Perhaps one day it will recede but the healing schedule for it seems to be far longer than the mental symptoms I had.


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It's something i've never noticed to increase my symptoms.

Do you have the same issues after sex, or just fap (or a good old tug, as we brits call it!)?

After sex, I feel amazing for a while... my visuals do increase a bit, but the bliss makes it enjoyable. Then I go to sleep, job done!

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