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  1. I still think you should try the conservative treatment first. But if you want the clonazepam protocol, it's stated in my first post. Serious risk of addiction though. Tell your doc to look at the DSM-5 entry 292.89 (F16.983)
  2. Yes this is not talked about because it's definitely not a first line of treatment. And although I believe it may work, there's no way to make sure you won't develop dependence / tolerance. IMO you should go for the most established treatments first, that is Lamotrigine or Keppra. You gotta follow the protocols correctly though.
  3. Oh man this covid vaccine is scary. Is your HPPD under control at least?
  4. As long as it doesn't make it worse it's good enough for me.
  5. If you had no effects on HPPD but had effects on energy that would be great. That's what I am looking for.
  6. Do you take Coq10 yourself? Have you notice any changes on your symptoms?
  7. Hello! Any updates on this? Did you find a regimen that works?
  8. I'm thinking about trying this as well. Anyone else?
  9. This is ancient topic, but quite interesting. Has anyone tried anything this guy mentions?
  10. This is a just a n=1 case report. When I find more I'll post here. Src: https://www.bjmp.org/content/25-years-hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-diagnostic-challenge
  11. To make it short: 1. Did Keto during 25 days. Symptoms went down to a point I could barely notice them. 2. My doctor said to stop it because I was having too much animal protein 3. I went back to eating high carb, and symptoms came back to baseline -> Why am I not staying on Keto? Too many side effects, and dangerous on the long run -> Notes - Most people who thing are doing Keto are not in real ketosis. It takes huge commitment to do it. I was using a blood ketone tester and I was getting about 1.5 reading in the mornings - This is a complex diet,
  12. Would love to find anyone who tried this. This guy also cites Memantine as a possible candidate: https://samuelstancl.me/hppd
  13. Yeah it's super tempting... Getting this "cured" in only 2 months. Just note that the suggested dosage is only 2mg daily, not 6mg.
  14. Proving reductions of more than 50% in symptoms. I think I've seen some showing cases of 100% remission. I'll make a list as soon as get some time.
  15. What's the URL of this forum?
  16. Yes, just be really careful. I will first try the Lamotrigine 200mg during a year to see if that resolves the issue. I think the risk/reward is better. The 2mo Clonazepam is riskier and should be considered an alernative treatment IMO.
  17. Hey man. I've seen your posts on Reddit, and that you think visual recovery is impossible. Please note that there are indeed scientific studies that use Visual Scales to measure this, and they show that improvement in this regard is possible. I can make another thread to post this later.
  18. IMO the main reason not to use Clonazepam is the high risk for dependence after 2 months at 2mg daily. It's likely the treatment works, but the risk is significant.
  19. Same for me man. I was traveling the world and making a pretty decent income. I was also married. I divorced (before the HPPD) and that alone was a big hit. I was battling with chronic pain and decided to try "entheogens" to cure it, and ended up with HPPD. Now, 7 months after, I feel like I am getting back on my feet. Lamotrigine has been of a great help, along with all the lifestyle changes that people mention here. To give you some context: So, if losing your spouse takes 18 months of grieving, how much time do you think it takes to grieve the loss of your old self an
  20. I also thought it would just be a band-aid before reading these articles, but they seem to indicate they can bring a permanent cure, if taking at a specific protocol, and some of them are using participants who've had HPPD for longer than 10 years.
  21. I just attached the full article in the first post. I hope it helps. Thank you for posting you research as well. I am doing a Lamotrigine protocol now. If it doesn't work I might try this Clonazepan protocol aftwards.
  22. Yes, that's exactly what it means. They took it for 2 months and the improvements persisted! That's why I am so impressed.
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