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  1. Hey guys so basically most of my hppd symptoms are gone the only thing i'm left fighting is visual snow(which isn't much of a fight).However i noticed that the only thing which reduced it by at least 50 percent is no fap.If i do please myself the rest of the day it's like i'm in a weird headspace and there is visual snow everywhere. However if i abstain things go back to normal and it becomes much harder to see. Also the brain fog becomes lifted. I will report back on this after a while maybe because the activity raises serotonin and dopamine that reduces the already scarce receptors and stati
  2. In the case of this i think neuroplasticity is to blame,brain cells always fight for food and those hppd cells are firing again and again to avoid their death.If you treat the anxiety by relaxing do you get some relief for your symptoms? I owe my cured state to not caring about my hppd anymore. I only have visual snow maybe that will become less over time as well.
  3. It took around a week or two.It has been a month now i only have some visual snow which I'm used to. Check out the other part of the story as well: Its very important how you look at your hppd the more you accept it the better it gets. Good luck
  4. Hey guys i was posting on this forum several weeks ago going crazy with anxiety fear and going on all kinds of meds. Basically i was stressed out and it was preventing my recovery. I now firmly believe HPPD=PTSD. You know people in high stress situations their brain burns an image of what they have seen in their neurons and it keeps repeating the anxiety and sometimes visually in their wakeful life or preventing them from sleeping. After the trip that gave me my condition i was going crazy with anxiety and the more anxiety the worse visuals i got. My dreams were vivid taking me out of body and
  5. Yes of course its Haya Labs Taurine made in Washington DC USA. It's also relatively Cheap imported and it's 9 euros per bottle. Sometimes if i can't fall asleep i still take Valerian though so idk which one is helping more Think i will try these days just doing Valerian to see if that is the more helpful agent. Taurine seems to act like Gaba while Valerian directly activated Gaba receptors.
  6. I have been taking 1500mg Taurine steadily for 3 or 4 days now i was also taking 150 mg Valerian for sleep before bed and combined with the Magnesium supplement my symptoms seem to be gone (cured) all that is left is the thoughts.I was also trying to get the daily Choline recommended intake but i have doubt that had anything to do with it. Seems that trazodon was only making my recovery slower and hindering it. Update:after separating the meds i think the valerian is the more helpful one. i might also combine it with Melissa Officianis as the article mentions combining them is more effect
  7. After trying trazodon and getting over the anxiety hppd gave me, i read from sources on this forum and research papers on ssris and risperidone also causing hppd like symptoms.Since the receptors became down regulated by stimulation maybe not engaging them in any way including antidepressants and antipsychotics is the only way to upregulate them and resolve symptoms.Also seems like these chemicals are dangerous as they further downregulate receptors.The only chemical i found that upregulates 5ht2a is THC in marijuana and we all know that makes people hallucinate maybe because of excessive upr
  8. After using it for two weeks i quit it cold turkey. i think it did upregulate or downregulate them,however currently it does more harm than good as when i stopped my symptoms improved I also stopped because of this recent finding: Downregulation of post-synaptic 5-HT2A receptor is an adaptive process provoked by chronic administration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and classical antipsychotics. I am looking into cbd now and other solutions. I think it helped but my hppd was more mild compared to full blown hallucination cases.
  9. Update:i was wrong symptoms come back with a painful migraine upon trying to stop trazodon. Maybe i do have some kind of serotonin deficiency.. I could see auras before psychedelics. Back to the original plan of raising serotonin.
  10. Update: i took 3000 mg Taurine and now i feel almost cured. I will taper off Trazodone in the next couple of days and stop it. Gaba and overexcited neurons seem to be the most prevalent hypothesis and now i see why. I have visual improvement and dont feel light sensitivity which was a big thing for me.
  11. Sorry to hear that well i don't plan to use it more than 6 weeks it does take some time for it to kick,the changes coming out of it should be more or less permanent as it does change the transporter gene expression and makes it so that there are less transporters active overall reducing serotonin uptake. After i feel i'm more or less better i will taper down and get off it.
  12. Experts aren't sure exactly how trazodone works but suggest it improves the symptoms of depression by inhibiting the uptake of serotonin by nerves in the brain. This increases levels of serotonin in the nerve synapse (the space between two nerves). This increases the serotonin available to be used in the system. I think that my having a serotonin deficiency(it stays in the cell). The body goes into a survival mode and starts hallucinating. It would make sense that after substance abuse targeting the receptor the reuptake is higher and the available serotonin is less overall as it just sta
  13. Hey guys i had problems with visual snow DP/DR and a flickering like someone is turning the whole world off.Auras and light sensitivity. I felt the neurons misfiring in my visual cortex as this was happening.Tried 300 mg Lions mane and Taurine 1500.No effect felt like i was just masking the problem.Went to the doc after i saw this post Then i choose to be prescribed Trazodon(tritiko) .It targets 5HT2a receptors as well as androgenic ones. Helps relocate the serotonin to the inter neural space instead of having an influx of neurons misfiring.Anyway its been 3 days since then and everyd
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