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  1. Yeah, at that time (1998) i was using actifed to sleep in a regular way and had a few codeine doses... I tried to find the formula of Actifed back then but it's hard to tell. Pseudo ephedrine is now also well known to cause brain vascular events... Damn, how come we all cannot find a common pattern or trigger , i'm pretty sure we are all missing something crucial.
  2. I noticed this strange corelation... Anyone of you remembers using regulary cough sirup or cold sneezing pills, pre-hppd or Visual snow onset ?
  3. You give it the power you want. I know it's hard. There is no doubt you do feel these symptoms. That's why it's so tricky
  4. Placebo. It's your anxiety that is playing tricks on you. Don't let it win. Don't over study things over the internet...it will make you anxious about litteraly anything. For a fact, some even stop masturb.....to find relief (true)...no no no.
  5. In my experience, i vape an extremely pure and 1000% biologic grown weed strain, that does have THC. You have to make sure it was cultivated in the right conditions. It's actually relaxing and does not bring any side effects, increase or decrease hppd. I believe harmfull weed, thc, or cbd varies because of the way it was grown and when it was harvested into the flowering cycle (very important). That's why black market is totally a NO GO They are so many factors that can deteriorate the benefits. If you are able to control all these aspects, weed actually does have
  6. Liquid concentrate of Melatonine is the best honnestly. It's Natural and works without side effects. Mix it with cbd and you'll sleep like a baby everynight for the rest of your life Then, if there are some particular thoughts that prevent you from sleeping and it's reccuring , you should also consider talking about it to a psychologist.
  7. I started psychotherapy 2 years after i got hppd, and kept doing sessions every week for 15 years, until all the "noise" was taken off my shoulders, and god i had lots of stuff going on, building over it. Probably, mushrooms have been a trigger, a slap on my soul, giving me no choice but to dig deep in what i was blindly missing. Now as an adult, i'm just fine, i can smoke weed, i'm not depressed anymore, i feel completely normal. I own to this trip that in the end, i had a chance to become myself. That means, yes, weird, but i own a lot to this trip. I won't go back for anything in
  8. Also, a more constructive proof that the base of the pathology is 99% common with VSS is that kepra and lamictal are prescribed for both , and work in the same way. That's far too much for a coïncidence. I'm just pissed , when i read this article, because it presents mild drug induced psychosis+hppd as a whole, and this is the confusion that , for me, represent a major obstacle in understanding what this condition really is. So, it just keeps spreading more confusion, going back to the romantic "flashback" narrative from the 60's... Fact is, many people in the hppd community cummulat
  9. Because the base of symptoms most of us experience and describe are these, after a few month/years. Others disorders mix up to these, associated to drug individual experiences (and from cannabis to heroin, these are extremely various, vague... ), what makes the diagnostic extremely difficult and confusing for most physicians. And i'm not talking about the blinding stigma. The cure , if there is one, will then probably be identical for both pathologies, VSS and "HPPD". That's actually good news because they are more searchers working actively on VSS. "HPPD searchers" are for no
  10. "Psychosis, alcoholism" ...sensationalism..... Have you checked what Visual Snow Syndrome is before writing this article ? Like many others, you had difficulties understanding these pathologies, that are in fact all mixed up in the case of "HPPD" I have to agree it's a can of worms, and that's why it's very hard not to get confused by all the misleading informations available on the topic, including on wikipedia. A mistake was made in the first place, even by those who studied and named the pathology itself, like psychiatrist doctor Abraham. As visual snow syndrome is
  11. ...If you believe in it, it will relieve your stress.... and ....work. As you feel like you're actively doing something right.... ... ... I prefer to believe in other stuff
  12. Very interesting theory. I was actully having a lifetime food dysfunction from 0 to 18 yo when i had my hppd onset. Turns out, there is something to dig here. I made 2 polls over the nutrition problem : For hppd : https://www.reddit.com/r/HPPD/comments/fgfbva/preexisting_your_hppd_food_disorder_malnutrition/ For VSS : https://www.reddit.com/r/visualsnow/comments/fhdp2y/preexisting_your_vss_food_disorder_malnutrition/
  13. It's interesting, how many of us had a food issue before getting HPPD : I also had some.... I
  14. Any of you guys had a food disorder ever ? I do . (was much worst when i was a teenager)
  15. Very interesting case : What's more interesting is that he actually had Visual Snow Syndrome since childHood "... I’ve had visual snow since I’ve been a child though, even before the SSRI’s so it doesn’t bother me at all, I’m just used to it at this point. I actually grew up thinking everybody saw that way until I actually looked it up..."
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