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    Was way to into psychedelics haha and now I regret taking more than I should have.

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  1. Need clarity. Does anyone else get the symptoms of getting closed eye visuals with your HPPD. Whenever I close my eyes to try and sleep or anything I see many colors in the form of shapes and everything like that. I can also sometimes see visual snow with my eyes closed and when I have a flashback it sends me completely into a fractal trip in my head and I’ve been so convinced that I’m dreaming. It’s a horrible experience and I just need some clarity that other people might be experiencing the same symptoms as me or is mine just really severe?
  2. Hi, I wanted to post this to ask if anyone else had been experiencing the visual snow screw with your vision after reading. After reading something that involves more than one sentence, I can see the spaces between the lines of the words in my vision. Just reaching out to ask if anyone else has this issue?
  3. Hello. I’ll start with saying that I am 16 years old. A lot of people would say that obviously vary young to be doing as much psychedelics as I did and I completely agree now haha. My experience with what HPPD has done to me is possibly the worst possible thing I can think of to occur from drugs other than death itself or maybe psychosis. It started out as a very small type of HPPD for a while but with the constant use of psychedelic drugs over the course of 6 months I have learned that lsd is most definitely the biggest cause of HPPD in my personal subjective mind. Mushrooms rarely if not nev
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