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Have a great new year!


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Hey! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and hope you have all had a happy holiday. I know this time of year can be tough when everyone else seems to effortlessly enjoy themselves, but hopefully each of you has managed to get some peace and joy throughout this time. 

I always try to remain positive as we enter a new year. We never know what might be around the corner and change can sometimes happen very quickly. Hopefully 2023 is the year we see a new breakthrough.

Love to you all.

Stay strong, Jay. 

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Happy New Year to you too, Jay and to everyone! I also would chime in to all, be of good courage! You never know what life can bring, but I can surely say don't be overcome by HPPD. I remember well my first Christmas with HPPD, long before anyone had a name for it! This would have been maybe 1972? And I only 13 years old! Wow, we travelled to be with cousins and boy was I in the twilight zone! I must really say that understanding and defining this syndrome actually helped me to be in command of it. I wish you all courage and skill and above all faith to unmask and master this thief We call HPPD. So far...so good! Kaleidoscope

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