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Anyone else with Anterograde amnesia ?

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"Anterograde amnesia is the inability to create new memories due to brain damage, while long-term memories from before the event remain intact"

I definitely suffer from this since HPPD onset, and it doesn't seem to get better... The last 5 years of my life are a complete blur (not even talking about periods where I was taking Clonazepam lol).

But I still have sharp memory of everything that happened before.

Somebody can relate ?

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No i have bad hppd , but i have no issues with my memory , i don't have dp/ Dr also, only thing that mind fucks me is the anxiety, i refuse to take any medications of this, obviously our anxiety is subjective because we are anxious about our symptoms, 

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I had a really bad short term memory for a while but over time it improved significantly.  Not where I was but it's much better. Try not to focus on this type of stuff.  Assessing the quality of memory is a tricky business since ones perception of the past can be extremely biased. 

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Although I wouldn't say this is a severely bad thing I feel like yes my memory is shot, it's not just this it's also partly due to some depersonalization thing yet at the same time I have very good improved recall of certain events, especially (when I did) smoke. 


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