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sleep meds that don't make HPPD worse

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Are there sleep meds that don't make HPPD worse? I am having sleep disturbances do to long covid symptoms. My hppd is under control and doesn't bother me much but I don't want to make it worse or relapse. I have relapsed once to due stress and once due to canabiss use. Each took me a year to recover.

I tried mirtazapine last night and it was terrible. I saw a bunch of people had bad reactions here.

What sleep meds can actually help?

I can tolerate valerian in my tea. Also, Calm aid lavender oil.

I also do magnesium pills and can add topical.

But are there prescription meds that can help besides benzos?

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Melatonin works ok for me... Makes me a little bit groggy the next morning, but not too bad. I just use it for a week or so to get me back into a sleep pattern

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