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HPPD or Canabis Induced Psychosis?

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Hello, in December, I had a really intense reaction to marijuana. I felt fine after a few hours except things were very slightly moving, then became extremely depressed and suicidal. I went to the mental hospital a week later and they gave me risperidone for the hallucinating. The day after I was released I experienced derealization like I had never experienced before and started hallucinating intensely and went into a state of confusion. I was horrified and thought I was going crazy. I had no delusions though. For days nothing looked real and I couldn’t feel my body while everything around me was moving so much. There was intense after image effects, visual snow, and floaters. As well as ringing in my ears that still happens. I had multiple panic attacks and nightmares. After a week my friend let me use her Xanax and for 3 weeks that was the only thing that would help while I was trying to get taken in by a psychiatrist. My psychiatrist raised my antidepressant and really thinks this was psychosis. She won’t listen to me and says the DSM doesn’t categorize HPPD as including derealization/depersonalization. I’m on antipsychotics now but I’m so scared they’re gonna make this worse. Does anyone have any insight?

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I'm sorry. I'm going through the same thing. Delta 8 thc induced. I've refused antipsychotics and antidepressants as they are reported to make hppd worse. I've have the derealization too. I guess that's what it is. Just weird feeling like I'm tripping/going into a bad trip. The anxiety makes it worse. BAD anxiety. I shook like a chihuahua for 5 days. I think those symptoms gotten a little better over a month but visuals, light sensitivity/after images have remained the same. Actually got worse over the first two weeks after the shivering stopped but seems to have peaked. It's been a month. I don't have snow but I have Tinnitus.  It seems like our best chance is klonopin (2 reported significant reduction in symptoms from synthetic cannabinoids) or lamotrigine or just time. Klonopin seems like the least risk to me for a short term trial but seems hard to get and we know how easy antidepressant and antipsychotics are. Ive had an eye exam that came back normal and I'm waiting for mri/eeg in neuro ophthalmology. Hang in there. You're not crazy. I know how hard it is. I went to er. Urgent treatment, now in group therapy doing nothing. I tried hydroxyzine and propanalol. Did not help. My psych didn't even know what hppd was. But I've told them too much about my spiritual beliefs and supernatural experiences so they want to label me schizo and I just can't risk making it or my pre existing symptoms worse. I hope this becomes more recognized, studied and treated correctly. 

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