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First Time Acid User - Possible HPPD?

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Almost 3 weeks ago I dropped ~120 ug of acid for the first time. I didn't really have a scary trip, but I felt anxious the whole time and vomited halfway through. I also was hallucinating eyes everywhere the entire time, in the form of visual snow, and seeing them in patterns everywhere. In the hours before going to sleep I was really scared that it wouldn't go away, as I had done lots of research before dropping and knew about HPPD. I figured I would be fine because I was only taking 1 tab my first time. After my trip I actually had no visuals at all for 2 weeks and was completely fine. But 2 days ago I had a flashback. That day I didn't drink any water, and after coming home from class had a huge cup of iced coffee since I was really tired. I decided to workout, and when I stood up I felt all the blood rush to my head. Right after the blood rushed to my head I started having some symptoms which really scared me. I had some dpdr and medium visuals, but they only lasted for like 20 minutes. I also have had some slight visuals in the shape of only eyes the last 2 days. I think they are getting better, but I'm not sure because I don't really remember what to compare it to. I also can only see them if I focus really hard. Will this go away soon since it is a really mild case of possible HPPD? All help is greatly appreciated I'm never doing psychs again.

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It's all too soon and too sporadic to give any kind of diagnosis. My advice would just be to try and forget about hppd as much as possible, the more you search for symptoms, the more you will see the eye's natural imperfections and further panic yourself. Relax, take some time to be completely sober and watch out for triggers like caffeine and stress. See where you are it in a few weeks.

All the best, Jay

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Agree with these responses.  Psychedelics effects can linger for some time but that doesn't necessarily mean you have hppd.  LSD can be a powerful experience even at 120 mics.  You were dehydrated, just had a boost of caffeine, worked out, and (I'm guessing) tired after classes and a workout.  That would make anyone experience something unusual.  A friend of mine got hit by dehydration while we were hiking in the summer and after he came around reported seeing  hallucinations.  He said he got a head rush, saw black spots, and curley snake-like visuals.  I'm no doctor but water and a salt tablet brought him back quickly so I'm assuming it was dehydration.  He had never used drugs outside of caffeine and alcohol in his entire life.

The fact that these symptoms are subsiding is a good sign.  Stay away from drugs, including cannabis, and see how you do.  Remember, 8 glasses of water a day (I'm joking, I'm sure you know more about hydration than I do).

Take care and stay safe.

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