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Anxiety, insomnia, Dp/Dr


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Hi all, just want to get some heads together and thoughts churning, through my research and self experience I am beginning to feel like the Anxiety/sleep issue/Dp/Dr is a bigger deal than it is made out to be, as it could be in part due to a damning causual factor, this being these symptoms are linked to some form of CNS damage, I feel like the insomnia/or anxiety could be due to damage to some or many parts of the CNS system, if we consider the Autonomic nervous system being part of the effected, this could be damage that leaves us in a state of fight or flight (a.k.a a Parasympathetic state) which we feel as anxiety, irregular heart pounding/& or speed and so on, because this system is automatic in function, when damaged it could be impossible to lower back into a normal prolonged sympathetic state (a.k.a Rest and digest state) without meds (especially when sleeping hence the change in sleep and insomnia), this is my worry and foremost alongside the fact that left untreated this will lead to perminant damage not only from lack of sleep but also from the many other issues that arise when we exist in a parasympathetic state for prolonged periods of time, as much as I hate to have to theorise this and point it out if correct I think it is important for many of us to consider as many might go on to exist in comunatively damaging states in the false belief they are just suffering from normal neurotypically anxiety that is within normal control (this being "just anxiety" seems to get banded about a lot) when really many of us need to consider this differently, but also so we can get the acceptence and treatment that should accompany it.

Please fire away your opinions and maybe we can get some heads together on this.

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On 1/24/2022 at 11:32 AM, Rodertkarlsson said:

Anxiety insomnia, dpdr are more worrying than visual effects. Insomnia makes me absolutely  crazy. Many suicide attempts. I can't take it anymore. I'm exhausted. I just  want to sleep for a long time. Doomed aloha

Have you tried Melatonin for sleep? I have had some terrible bouts of insomnia and that always helped bring me back into a pattern. Fix your sleep and everything else becomes slightly easier to cope with. Reach out to me if you need anything.

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