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Hi All, I used to be very active on this forum, but have been away for some time.  I went through a medical issue (thankfully resolved), retired, and moved a great distance away from where I was living.  Lots of excuses, I realize.  I turned my back on all things "internet" for a while just to shake the stress of my career (another excuse).  I'm going to make an effort to reach out to people again.  I don't have any medical advice to offer, I don't work in any organization that helps folks with HPPD, but I am an older person who has lived with it for a long time.  Hopefully the little hope I can provide will be useful to someone.  One of the "real" reasons I stopped posting is people were reaching out to me who were (in their words) suicidal.  Frankly that freaked me out because I don't have any training in counselling people in that state of mind.  I've attempted to get educated in that area, but it scares me.   What if I say the wrong thing?  What if I don't say the right thing?  

In any case, if anyone remembers the strange human stumbling around on the planet, I'm back.

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Thank you.  Having a positive attitude can go a long way.  I suspect your daughters keep you busy!  Cosmiccharlie, you are living proof that happiness isnt unattainable after contracting this disability. 

<edit> i wrote "happiness is unattainable" but meant to write "happiness isn't unattainable".  I should also mention that I'm quite dyslexic and inadvertently make a blunder like that with some frequency. Tough being human</edit>

Stay positive folks, and never give up.

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Welcome back! It's good to take a break every now and again. I 100% get you about the people reaching out who are suicidal, it still gives me sleepless nights. I'm sure everything you said or did was done in a sensitive way though and helped those people.

Hope all is good though and retirement is treating you well!

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