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  1. If this were the case wouldn’t just taking an anti histamine relieve symptoms to some degree?
  2. My take personally is that it shows more prominence of reactive oxygen species(ROS) in people with mental disease, which is absolutely no surprise there. Its pretty clear that high kynurenic acid is just an end result of increased ROS, treating the ROS therefore would be more suitable. Its something I talk about in my threads, and there are various ways of reducing these problems. "Kynurenic acid (KYNA) synthesis along the kynurenine pathway and its mode of action. The catabolism of TRP by the enzymes TDO or IDO represents the rate-limiting step in KYNA synthesis. The intermediate
  3. Riboflavin Has Neuroprotective Potential: Focus on Parkinson’s Disease and Migraine Eyad T. Marashly* and Saeed A. Bohlega Department of Neurosciences, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia With the huge negative impact of neurological disorders on patient’s life and society resources, the discovery of neuroprotective agents is critical and cost-effective. Neuroprotective agents can prevent and/or modify the course of neurological disorders. Despite being underestimated, riboflavin offers neuroprotective mechanisms. Significant pathogen
  4. Completely agree with everything you're saying, there is a lot of pharmaceutical presence trying to push agendas for these types of "treatments". They often ignore HPPD outcomes in studies as well. Hopefully your family is smart enough to understand that most of medical science understands very little about medicine or the body etc. The very idea of using hallucinogens as a treatment for say depression and such is an atrocious idea, I wouldn't be surprised if you could find people who have said heroin has relieved their depression, I'm sure you can find a person that said murdering people help
  5. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphys.2020.00598/full More valuable information
  6. How long did you take the vitamin d for?
  7. St. Johns Wort is clearly something to be avoided in HPPD, as SSRIs are known to exasperate symptoms. Rabdosia has almost no information available as far as modern studies are concerned. Is there any information that you have found that leads you to believe it may be beneficial?
  8. Wants a cure, doesnt have 30 minutes... lol Edit: God damn 7 year bump what the hell.
  9. Not everyone has had the best experiences with it, and probably because it simply just doesn't cure the condition. I see a lot of HPPD sufferers that cant tolerate any of these neurotransmitter modulating drugs. Granted though some have seen some benefit. Which will primarily be due to its ability to lessen neurotransmitters, so it likely helps to quiet some of the cortical disinhibition seen in HPPD, however its mechanism of action is unknown, and it(like most other pharmaceuticals) does not appear to treat the underlying cause of this condition.
  10. Modern medicine has termed most electrical devices in the field of medicine as "Quackery", whenever medical science does this the sheep move as though they were a religious cult. So now days everything thinks these devices are more for gimmicks. However funny people think they may be, there are a few that actually tend to show outstanding results worthy of further investigation. Mass population though, their minds are too lazy for real reading and thoughtful acknowledgement.
  11. I would like to bump this thread, has anyone else gotten hppd from mescaline? This is a very interesting topic, if more people could answer please.
  12. Hey good morning and thanks for posting! Yes, what you're saying essentially is that HPPD could be caused by neuronal loss, this is accurate, and glial scar formation does always follow neuronal loss. It should be noted that neuronal damage with out loss of the neuron however does not typically result in glial scar formation. In one of my older threads I do cover some of the interesting facts around glial scar formation. One of those points to be noted is that even though it is believed to be a "road block" for regeneration, there is actually no evidence of that, and it could actually be the i
  13. Nice, you're obviously pretty intelligent. I apologize I may have misunderstood a couple things you've said regarding current drug use. We are definitely not profitable lmao. As far as antibiotics and dreams I do not currently have any information on, its the first I have heard it for HPPD sufferers. I haven't done very extensive research on antibiotics either to know how they may potentially interact with the nervous system as well. I do know there are quite a lot of compounds(especially herbs) that stimulate dreams though, so its not too unheard of imo, as to the direct correlation
  14. No, and stop doing drugs. They do in fact cause significant neuronal damage, and most likely neuronal loss, in my thread the cause of HPPD and possible treatments, I talk about this, and why only some people get HPPD, its all relatively simple. Please stop shitting on your brain and please spread the word. Thank you!
  15. This, also the study that I posted in my thread, The cause of HPPD, explains that axonal damage initiated by 5ht2a receptor overstimulation lasts up to two years. There may be quite a lot of way to speed this up, but its technically all experimental at that point. In my thread I recommend Niacin.
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