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What about homeopathy?

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So, i have been on research lately and somehow came across  homeopathy. I was researching about my dpdr and found that there is a homeopathic remedy called Anhalonium lewinii. Anhalonium lewini is a psychedelic plant(has mescaline). As far as im concerned, in homeopathy they treat x with x so it might makes some sense. The reason im writing this here and not on some dpdr forum is because i believe it can help hppd as well. Microdosing this homeopathic remedy helped people get rid of their dpdr. Thats what i read: Anhalonium lewinii is an excellent remedy for brainfag and hallucinations. Patient seems to be in a form of intoxication accompanied by wonderful visions, remarkably beautiful with varied kaleidoscopic changes. These patients lack conception of time, are dissatisfied, suspicious, insecure, forsaken, resentful to society, dissociated from environment and lack self confidence when in company. They self analyze themselves, escape in a world of dreams and feel they are different. These patients can have a confusion of identity, as if had two wills, or are separated from their thoughts, may also have a delusion of floating in the air, of being double, being separated from the physical world and are observing from above. 

A lot of people disagree with homeopathy but this sounds interesting. What are your views on it?

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Isn't that peyote?  Way back when, it was sometimes available in the summer months.  Mescaline  (derived from cacti) is a powerful psychedelic.  I remember it used to make people vomit, though I never experienced this unfortunate side effect.  Also, plant extractions can produce unpredictable doses.  You might get some plant material that is weak, and then get some that is very strong.   Without sophisticated lab equipment you just don't know until you try it.

In my opinion, the first step to treating hppd is to avoid psychedelics.  Also, peyote is an endangered plant species that grows very slowly.  The thought of any species going extinct is sad.  

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U have a point saying that a person with hppd should avoid psychedelics but what if you can reverse it with a very small dose of it? I saw this video and it made a lot of sense for me. It might seem dangerous but idk. Even if it is , homeopathy is a much safer way to try to reverse it. 


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I tried homeopathy and definitely felt something, although it could have just been placebo. If you think it could help and won't make your HPPD worse and are willing to take the chance then you should give it a shot. The homeopathic medicine I took was cannibis infused and I didn't experience any averse side effects. I don't think there's much risk but I also don't think you're gonna "cure" yourself. HPPD isn't really something that can be instantly reversed. 

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Didn't mean to sound negative with my first comment. Everything is worth trying - I mean, I try some weird stuff too so, not better than anyone else!

Have to just be careful so it doesn't get worse. Always a risk associated when it comes to using psychedelics to treat HPPD - there are a few people who say their HPPD has become better thanks to psychedelics, I wouldn't dare to risk it.

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just For reference so everyone knows what homeopathy is and does. A 1x solution will have results that are clinical. A 10x well... that’s just water really. 


That being said hallucinogens need an incredibly small dose to be active in the case of lsd. Dunno about what you’re talking about in terms of this plant. 


Honestly the idea idea that you can reverse hppd with things that cause hppd is really silly. There may be a very select few people that have claimed this has happened to them, but it is unlikely true. This is serious dis regulation and, for some, most likely brain damage of a sort. It certainly fits the time frame for brain damage recovery... 


Bottom line is posting stuff like this is dangerous. Stop throwing things at your brain without calculated risk backed by scientific hypothesis. This is how you got here in the first place #definitionofinsanity

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