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  1. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I just wish I didn't feel like a stranger in my own body. That terrifies the most.
  2. Loukas, did you try it and are you alright?
  3. Hi J.L. thanks for sharing. Have you ever seen a nuerologist? What you have seems different from my experience but terrifyingly similar at the same time. Do you see after-images (palinopsia), trails, and starbursts? Any kind of cannabinoid throws me into a panic attack. Has the naltrexone helped with visuals?
  4. Hi Julia, thank you for the response. My coping mechanisms are hot tea, vapor rub, and sleep. Basically anything to reduce anxiety helps a little. My symptoms are all day, everyday. Sometimes it flares up for a couple weeks and those can be pretty dark days. There are times I feel in control and others when I feel completely alone, like I'm watching my life pass by. The palinopsia and depersonalization are the symptoms I fear the most and unfortunately they are the most prevalent. Just like you, it becomes more intense with lack of sleep, stress, and being inactive. I hope someday soon we can
  5. So has Keppra gotten rid of your visuals? Please reply.
  6. All I know is when I'd smoke weed.... Just 1 or 2 hits, I would lose it and everything became worse. I'm not sure I'd try something that is a long acting psychedelic. Be careful. Good luck.
  7. Thank you for the reply Jay! I just want to enjoy my child's life as a "normal" person. I settled with coping a long time ago but I'll hate myself if I don't try anything I possibly can to make this stop. If you don't mind me asking... Have you tried lamotrigine or levetiracetam?
  8. Keep your head up and keep searching for a doctor to diagnose and treat you. Be agressive with the doctors and let them know what it is you have. Make them read the DSM5.
  9. Hello All, My name is Allen. I've browsed this site randomly over the past couple years but was afraid share. I'm in my 30's and have had HPPD 2 for 18 years. I was diagnosed 5 years ago after a seeing countless doctors through the years. Recently I found out my wife was pregnant and I became determined to find a treatment or, god willing, a cure. When I was in my mid teens I took lsd about 5 times and I was a chronic marijuana smoker. The last time I took lsd I smoked weed at the same time and I had the worst experience of my life: My heart began to race uncontrollably, my arms and face becam
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