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Anyone tried the peptide chain BPC-157? It sounds... well incredible. I’m a little too low at the moment to write out everything this peptide chain does but it definitely seems to help facilitate healing and normalization of a wide array of neurological processes. 

You can find several trial reports online of those who have caused damage and disregulation through amphetamine use. For many here, dopamine plays a large role in this disorder. BPC-157 might be something that is highly beneficial to our healing process. This is just one of dozens of beneficial uses. 


Heres a reddit post that summarizes the patent for BPC-157: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Nootropics/comments/5raknu/bpc157_a_healing_peptide_summary_of_known_benefits/


This patent application: https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2014142764A1/en

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So I started a trial with this peptide Tuesday evening. I’m pretty cautious about taking new things, but for the life of me I couldn’t find anyone having a bad reaction to this stuff (except one dude who had an interaction with some medication. Unsure what it was)


things ive noticed:


my body feels pretty great. I normally have pain problems and this helps combat that.

I’m less anhedonic and can focus easier.


Im less depressed. I’m taking walks, cleaning, feeling excitement and contentedness. 


Right now im taking 500mcg either once daily or spread into two subcutaneous shots. I’ve read you can administer orally but I’m not shy about needles and feel it’s probably more effective. 


So far, I highly recommend bcp-157. Is it a miracle drug? Kinda! I mean I’m not having ANY negative side effects 


my current medications

37.5mg of gabapentin x2 daily

.25mg lorazepam daily

25mg Wellbutrin daily

750mg niacin daily

3g inositol daily

200mg l-glutamine PRN

200mg DL-phenylalanine PRN

nicotine (way too much)


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Day 5 now... just keeps getting better. I’m feeling a fullness that’s been gone for years.... social anxiety has lessened by 70 percent at least. And there’s something that’s come back that’s so hard to put into words. It’s been missing for so long. It’s this subtle emotion that effects everything I do. I feel positive and excited for tiny things. It’s really quite incredible. This is the first thing I’ve tried where I’ve felt something akin to true relief of symptoms—not just masking or changing me so I’m no longer in pain (benzos, Keppra, etc). I don’t feel augmented with a drug—just like this thing that was stripped away by hallucinogens and years of attention deficit meds has returned. 


Ill keep posting ting at least weekly to have a record and see if the effects persist. Hopefully they do—I haven’t found anyone complaining of tolerance to this. But even if it must be cycled, it still is the best ratio of positive to negative effects I’ve found in any medication. 

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***The user who had a negative reaction to BPC-157 was on Chantix. The combination made him less depressed (started exercising, academically focused) but made his emotions flat, especially when concerning social situations. 24 hours after stopping BPC-157 his emotions returned. Interesting to note the half life of BPC-157 is 4 hours so it would take about a day for it to completely clear his system. This is the only negative report I’ve seen so far.***


if anyone is interested in trying BPC-157, I got mine from limitlesslifenootropics. Honestly, I haven’t read the best things about them for all their products, but they had express shipping and I was impatient. Luckily their BPC works fine—plus they gave me bacteriostatic water for free with the order (they don’t say they’ll give you that but it just comes with).


I recommend anyone looking to buy some research the companies they look at. Peptides aren’t regulated and many are made in China. Most of the time, you’ll just waste money on bunk product... but with some peptides they could be dangerous if made incorrectly. Luckily bpc is pretty simple and doesn’t appear to have these risks... but still no one wants to waste $30-40.


Im going to place an order with americanresearchlabs next since they do a half off on order for first timers. I’ll report on their product when it arrives. 


I hope to also trial their Ipamorelin and delta sleep inducing peptides at some point. My sleep is awful and I’m looking for something other that traditional sedatives. 

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Still going pretty strong. The effects have changed somewhat. Normally, I go through mood cycles (3 weeks feeling like utter crap and 1 week feeing slightly better). Bpc has shortened the cycle. First to 2 bad days one good day. Now it’s a good day every other day. At the beginning I was way too energenic. I would say hypomanic almost. But now my highs are not as high. My lows are not as low. It’s really stabilized things for me. Certain aspects of depression it initially helped have faded somewhat but overall I’m very pleased with this supplement. No major side effects yet. I’m so happy to have found something that helps! Since starting bpc-157 I’ve begun to think about my future and what I can do in life which I think is a major sign of alleviation of depression. Before I was just trying to make it through the day...


things i I still want to improve:

social aversion

mental fatigue: wired but tired feeling



bpc has helped a lot with these but there’s still a ways to go. But at least now I can see a future for myself. 


Hope le this helps,


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Still going strong. It seems with every few days on this I become more human again. I’ve had bursts of enjoying music. Feeling like life is beautiful again. Some anxiety that I’ve wasted so much time being sick... but hey what are you going to do?


still highly recommend the use of this peptide. 

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I’m doing subcutaneous injections right on the front part of my hip. I find there’s very few nerve endings there. This stuff passes the bbb and if I’m being honest has a much broader effect than just localized. You can take it orally too but I figured injections would be more efficacious. Probably not necessary though!

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@iancurtis for me, a lot of positive effects were permanent. I’m much more driven than I used to be. Went from probably 0 drive to 50% and that’s more than enough for me to do something decent.  Before box, I just laid in bed and watched Netflix really. Now I’m starting a business. It was kinda hard to realize how different I was but when I look back over time I realize how much it contributed to me taking on this endeavor. 

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Have you run any more of this stuff since your original posts here? With the cheap price of BPC157 compared to the effects that you received, why not keep running it even longer and see if it helps more? 


Also, does your case of HPPD respond well acutely to drugs like Adderall? I ask because I am trying to determine if we have the same "type" of HPPD as I am about to run a few courses of this stuff, and I have responded acutely very well to adderall. 


Also, did your sense of time perception improve as well (if you had that symptom)? And is the depersonalization still improved?

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I received improvements in all of my symptoms except visual. The effects were permanent as far as I can tell. Subsequent dosing did not seem to have any effect, but I do still take it occasionally because as you say—why not.


After squiring hppd I no longer responded well to add medications. I used to, but even when I was well they eventually made me burn out—hard. I’ve healed now to a point where I think I could take them again—but why? There are much better alternatives out there imo. I find therapeutic amphetamine use to be ironic. Neurotoxic compounds should not be used therapeutically in my opinion. You would not be the first, nor last, to do so however. 

If you do decide to take bpc, I do not recommend you take it at the same time as add medications. I am also not sure if bpc is reversing damage (unlikely) or correcting distinction at the remaining receptors. 

I also have a feeling that bpc may somehow be excitatory even if evidence (although scant) seems to point to gaba a function. I had a bad reaction to sarcosine while on it and while I have no way to confirm my belief it certainly felt stimulating in a way I associate with increased glutamate. 

all in all it’s worth a shot—especially if you have ever used ADD medication. You may even find that you don’t feel you need to use ADD meds after trying it. It supremely increases my motivation and didn’t have any crash. That felt a hell of a lot healthier to me 😛

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