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Tremors with hppd


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So in the beginning  of hppd I had tremors just in my fingers but now it's kinda spread to my hands they shake pretty bad some nights , and also I get twitches in my head and scalp like in my lips and eyelids and forehead. Also been having muscle tension in my arms and chest. Is this just hppd and anxiety ?

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Twitches/tremors can be, and are often indicative of infectious disease such as lyme disease/bartonella/babesia/etc.... Getting tested by IGENEX labs if possible, is your best bet at potentially eliminating that possibility, though it's still not a sure-fire way of knowing for certain. I have the diseases listed above, and without treating them, my hppd would have never improved. It would have continuously intensified. I have had a hunch for awhile that infectious disease is a common underlying precursor/catalyst to hppd, as it is downplayed by governments, (U.S. Government specifically), and it is so common/easy to contract, as it is often passed by either insect bites, blood transfusions, or sexual contact. Many of them cause severe neurological issues, (Stemming from physical damage done to the brain), or they cause very subtle neurological issues, which are amplified by drugs ingested by the unfortunate host, causing what we know as "hppd." Please heed my words. I have met several other individuals experiencing HPPD whom I believed to be infected, who made miraculous progress once I convinced them to get tested/treat the above said diseases. If I can help spread the word again, and help lead someone else on the right path, I'd be ecstatic. - Cheers

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I've had muscle fasciculations from aggravating my hppd. It was all over my body (the weirdest were the eyelid twiches and private areas). But i wouldn't describe this as shaking. I know most people have had a random single muscle twitch for a bit (usually in the upper arms or thigh muscles) but this was EVERYWHERE. The way I got it to stop was taking sinemet for a week. Couldn't tell you why it worked but it did!

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