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  1. So 2 years ago I started having bad hppd and bad panic attacks came with it from the derealization and my doctor put me on Clonazepam 1-1.5 mg a day, I've been taking it since and it's always helped but recently I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and I noticed they looked alot different. Previous ones were yellow/orange and these ones are white and you can it's a total different manufacturer making it. And I've been feeling more strange than usual , more dizzy and weak and just kinda malaise in general at times. Could this be because the pills are from a different manufacturer a
  2. I've heard of some people having head tremors and legs, I've even read of some people having seizures because of it, but yeah good idea I've been thinking about seeing a doctor about it.
  3. So in the beginning of hppd I had tremors just in my fingers but now it's kinda spread to my hands they shake pretty bad some nights , and also I get twitches in my head and scalp like in my lips and eyelids and forehead. Also been having muscle tension in my arms and chest. Is this just hppd and anxiety ?
  4. The only way to get better is to keep your mind cleansed of all psychoactive drugs, including weed. Personally for me it makes me feel very anxious and gives me panic attacks even though I smoked it for years prior to hppd. Also makes my visuals and depersonalization and derealization alot worse. Id stay steer clear of it if you're looking to recover.
  5. It was an indication strain, I just think I've got hppd too severely to do any kind of drug again.
  6. I quit smoking weed 3-4 months ago because I developed HPPD, I tried it again tonight just to see what would happen. And I say it's a no go. My dp/dr is very intense , Worst it's ever been. Also have muscle tension. Head tension very badly. Visuals are way worse , my vision is super blurry and the worse static I've ever had. Panic attacks/hyperventilating and it feels like theres a million pounds on my chest. Very paranoid. And tinnitus is worse. So if you're thinking about smoking weed with HPPD I wouldn't recommend it. Not only does it make symptoms worse but you can also get HPPD from
  7. Going on close to three months , from mushrooms, weed , and mdma, was way worse at first and things are just a slightly bit better as far as symptoms. Been on Klonopin and that seems to really help with the anxiety and panic side . Some days are worse and it gets pretty annoying , hoping I'll recover one day.
  8. I smoke cigs with hppd and all I notice is a slight increase of heart rate and anxiety mostly and a little bit more static in vision
  9. Alright thanks, definitely will be giving those a try. Appreciate everyone im glad to see there's alot of advice and support on here.
  10. Also can hppd cause blurry vision?
  11. Alright thank you, some people say Klonopin and some other meds help immensely? If after giving it a good while and symptoms don't recede is there anything worth trying or should I just stick to more natural methods like meditation and exercise in hope that will help after awhile
  12. Hey so yes I've stopped smoking been off it for probably a little more than three weeks and have noticed some slight positive changes since. And same! If I'm even around my friends who smoke I start to notice negative side effects just from that as well. Any tips on how to get feeling better ?
  13. Hey everyone, decided it might be a good idea to ask some people who have it and see their opinion so here goes. About six to seven months ago I went on this spree of taking shrooms non stop, I bought about an ounce of them and ended up doing around half of that in one month I was micro dosing everyday and on the weekends would do about an eighth on Saturdays and Sundays. I did this for around a month and even some time after that I did them around three more times shortly after. I've been a weed smoker for three years , smoking constantly everyday probably around two to three grams daily
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