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There is no cheating HPPD


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It seems each passing week, there are more and more topics and posts about how you can get high and it not affect your hppd... Here is the bad news, you cannot cheat the system... Anything that gets you high has the potential to either make your hppd worse or prolong any recovery efforts. Yes, some things are sometimes tolerated by some hppd sufferers, but that is not a green light for all hppd sufferers to then be able to use that drug.


If you got lung cancer from cigarettes, you would not try to smoke a cigar to cheat it... The same rules apply...


We are all here because we like drugs, I've done drugs post-hppd too.. It is hard to give up that way of life, especially one that often enhanced our lives... But If you want to get better, you have to forget about drugs.

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Great post Jay..


i have not touched anything in like 3 years.. including alcohol.. it has really changed me as a person..


Would an hppder be allowed to have a few beers.. or do you feel complete abstinence is best?


My experience with opiates is that while on it will give some relief from symptoms to an extent... tho exacerbate them afterwards..


I actually like opiates a lot.. i know that's not good.. so just something i will really have to keep away from



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How has it changed you OldschoolAr? You feel a lot better in yourself day to day?


I have just decided to give up alcohol. It seems so hard though. It's my release from hppd symptoms and helps me relax and escape things for a while. The last year or so though I'm drinking every weekend and it takes me a few days to get over it. The next day is a total wipe-out, I feel so depressed. I can't carry on in this cycle.


For those that have total abstinence or have given up alcohol, what have you replaced it with e.g sports/ activities/ different social events?


My whole social life involves a drink near enough, common in the UK, so I'm isolating myself from my friends a bit. You get so much grief from people as well when you stop, its ridiculous.


Have done drugs a few times in the last year, got into doing coke stupidly and this has negatively impacted my anxiety for sure. I hadn't touched anything for years up until that point but had a bit of a fuck it moment that led to a short term habit. It really is playing with fire (doing drugs again) and this shit is hard enough to deal with as it is. Abstinence is the only way 100% i.m.o with regards to drugs. I do think some people can tolerate drinking now and again, everyone is different.


The times I have been tempted most is when I've been feeling a bit better in general.


Jay is spot on, the temptation is always there, we enjoyed them for a while but to risk making yourself worse just is not worth it 100%.

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Just to clarify my own situation..... I still drink, sometimes quite heavily... It's really the only time I feel anywhere close to my old self... I have also done coke, opiates, MDMA and even lsd, post hppd (long before I knew what hppd was).

No doubt this sounds hypocritical .. As I can't stick to my own rules... But after 20 years I don't hold too much hope of recovery... I guess my original post is more in hope that the newer guys might not fall into the same trap I did

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after i goth a horrible trip all drugs was over for me in 3 years i did just smoke 1 time weed i took a small hit and goth a bad trip so it dont have a point to try something new and i have made a big procces in my recovery i am happy person back again for 6 months now

staying of drugs is the best way

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I think the thing that's tough, the reason so many of us are here in the first place, is because we've somewhat structured our lives around drugs -- some certainly more than others. If you've been a heavy drinker for most of your life then it's gonna be tough quitting. As you said Piper, peer pressure, even into your 20s, is tough to deal with. It's human nature to want to fit in and to even pur your health in jeopardy in order to do so.


For me, I just moved. All my closest friends, for the most part, are in one city. I actually moved away for the summer to work and just decided to not go back. After what's happened to me with HPPD I've determined I'm never going back. I still value those relationships but I've also realized the best thing for me is to try and start over. I know this is a lot easier said than done but I do think it can certainly help those who are more drawn to drugs to escape their old patterns and start to embrace a healthy lifestyle that increases recovery time.


For me, I've started working out every day. I run at least three miles (roughly six kilometers) almost every day, play sports and lift weights. It really helps HPPD recovery as well as anxiety and depression. It also gives a sense of purpose to your life and make you feel good about what you're doing.


If you truly can't make the type of move I did I'd suggest at least limiting your drinking habits. Instead of getting smashed all the time, just drink a few beers. If your friends give you grief, tell em to screw off. If they're truly your friends they'll understand.

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Alcohol makes me worse but somehow i am less vulnurable during the summer so at ocassions i do it. Opiates i used to but nah, aint worth the backlash. 


When i am studying i cant do shi*t, need to have my mind clear. Its hard when you do all the philosophy every day to never get a chance to relax. However, i am one of the sharpest minds in every class.


Oh, forgot i used to do coke. Not sure i would dare to it post my worsening in -08. Would probably get all wired and paranoid.

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